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3 free Tix Opening Weekend #05June2015

by Larry Chiang on March 18, 2015

Note: OFFER OPEN TO “First 16,888 to like”

By Larry Chiang

Me and my Duck9 co-founder are self taught CS majors. I get 100% of the credit. And 100% of the equity 😉
Seriously. Matt Smith is a non employee co-founder. He mentors me. He mentors me daily. I regurgitated him from ’07-’10 here in Silicon Valley. Dudes that heard me, via Matt smith teachings would say “WHOA. you’re genius.”
Don’t think matt smith is real?! He co-hosted a revenue inflection point for my friend, Mike Arrington. YC afterparty number one
Err TC. TechCrunch. Matt smith was there. I use a little “S” cuz I’m a dick. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
While “high” on ginger-lemon-honey tea @FSAustin, i spent $500k of my co-founder’s, Matt Smith’s, money #EntourageMovie #SXSW


I spend $500k after meeting this Chicagoland kid doing good. 
William Bibbiani (@WilliamBibbiani)
See @jeremypiven talk #EntourageMovie and pitch a reality TV show called HOW YOU LIVIN’, J. PIVEN? #SXSW @CraveOnline
On congress and sixth, Sabina Gadecki

Here is how you ca majors (and those in the general public who can execute a clear signature cs major signature business subroutine called #LCRRM. This is the 7 step recipe in how to get $500k of my co-founders money (if you don’t believe I took Harris Bank BMO money and deposited it into Austin svb, email to confirm the cash in the account 

####### LCRRM #####
The 7 step recipe to get 3 free tix in America for the June 5 2015 (#05June2015) opening weekend for entourage in an USA city
1/ like my Facebook profile pic
Jeremy Piven is my 1,111th profile pic. We don’t need to be Facebook friends for you to see the pix
-Step one LIKE THE profile pic
[{OFFER OPEN TO “First 16,888 to like”}]
-2- RSVP with a deposit. 
Clearly, clear (unlike this blog post I’m writing while on a conference call about me being awesome…. Yawn). Clearly clear is exactly how to leave a 100% refunded deposit
Instructions are on the Facebook comment under my profile photo
This is my profile photo. 
STEP TWO: RSVP with a deposit 
-3- tweet or Facebook update:
“Seeing #EntourageMovie #05June2015”
Step 3: social media update seeing entourage movie. “Seeing #EntourageMovie #05June2015”
-4- see it
-5- fb tag with you and a minimum of two friends by the entourage movie poster. Or logo. Best pics get an autographed souvenir 
Step FIVE: fB status update “I saw it with two friends” at AMC Theatres
For example:
Step five extra credit, tag me, Larry chiang on Facebook. 
(6) get rebate. 
Email me the social media you did or fB message me
Heck, text me (650-283-8008) and I’ll manually refund you via PayPal. Tits real
Step 6/ get 100% rebate
QUESTION: “But, Larry chiang, what if you screw me!? What if I pay the deposit, see it and then you do not rebate me?”
Larry CHIANG: in two parts
a) it’s not even my money. It’s Matt’s. 
B/ you paid via pay pal so PayPal protects all “purchases”. In your case, you can 
####### LCRRM end #####
Step 7(optional)
Thank me for being your bitch. 
Larry@duck9 (it has a bouncy email auto reply where I vacation message you both my iPhone 4 cellphone numbers. 
LCRRM is “Larry chiang Reverse Rebate Model” #LCRRM. #LCRRM has been used a thousand times. Google LCRRM. 
At sxsw March 13…

I get more distribution than…

Jane Witherspoon (@Janeyspoon)
This man on the show right now @GMB #piven #EntourageMovie

“Good morning Britain” is gmb

Doug Ellin (@mrdougellin)
#tbt #entouragemovie can’t believe we shot this a year ago today. Let’s go June 5 already ! 84 days !

Question: “is it valid in NYC? Tix are $20 for a matine.

LARRY CHIANG ANSWER: yes I was born in ny. So yes NYC. YES ILL BUY U 3 full price movie tickets. The popcorn is on u bitch. 
Larry Chiang on Twitter: “#sxsw 182 days until #EntourageMovie”
Eat Web (@EatWeb)
Larry Chiang on Twitter: “#sxsw 182 days until #EntourageMovie“: #sxsw 182 days until…
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
I have @entouragemovie set up on Google alerts. As an engineer, u should sell a service that emails em when mentioned

My co-founder told me to watch entourage cuz he said I was vince. Lol where I never dumped anyone. EP 4, season 1. Anyway, shanghai didn’t have HBO, so I viewed the BitTorrent’d Bram Cohen’d eps 1-8

My co-founders name is MATT SMITH. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)



Entourage’s” hashtag is #Turtle (movie comes out July 2, 2014)

I had to guess. Doug Ellin doesn’t read his at-replies

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Get it on foamcore @KirkKohlbeck #entourageMovie
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Just like Haley Joel Osmet ( #entourageMovie summer 2015) saw dead people, I see BUSINESS MODELS AND ARBITRAGE E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#EntourageMovie should do a satellite event during and get teachers involved 

(like #mrPeabody did moms)

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Promoting the Business Subroutine #EUTWMPPM-ing “Entourage Movie” #EntourageMovie
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Make 50 entourage t-shirts

Sell em

No TM as the TV series is fake

If they sue u win

No sue, u win too

OFFER OPEN TO “First 16,888 to like”
Bibliography archeology of the picture
Focus on the Chicago dude that is not me. By the way, I’m 6’5″ Piven is way taller than I imagined. Maybe 5’11”
He probably suffered y’all actor discrimination 
Tall. Tall actor discrimination 
Weird that most people can’t focus. Weird that it’ll prolly only be 
white cs major dudes who do this. 
I want people of color to get 3 free on Matt Smith!!!!!

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