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How to Break Gmail Alerts

by Larry Chiang on March 18, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Are you intimidated by Silicon Valley!?
Don’t be!!!!!!!
As the ‘Third Institution’ of Silicon Valley (not my words, a critics words on Quora at #WhatsTheDealWithLarryChiang). As “the 3rd”, I implore you to not EVER be intimidated by Silicon Valley. 
Google, the fortune 100 company, can’t count past 1000 press name mentions. By day #3 of SXSW (aka #16Mar2015), google stopped the ability to send gmail alerts for when “LARRY CHIANG” was mentioned. Google spiders the web. So, at the 1001th mention of ‘larry chiang’, google said “overcapacity. Stack overflowed”
My column and subsequent syndication to (TC, giga, vb, YouTube, wordpress CNN, not in that order) help u focus:  
– what to pay attention to so that you can benefit from…
– how things will turn out. 

Larry Chiang on Twitter: “#sxsw 182 days until #EntourageMovie

#StackOverflowed: By the 5th day of The Month January, I had reached one thousand gmail alerts. So I didn’t get this press mention notification. Also! Twitter announced in October that they finally found all their web pages. How retarded is Silicon Valley (aka silly Con valley)
No worries if you don’t solve the problems I’m SCREAMING AT YOU to solve;-) I found “Chris” 
He’s a math a science whiz. By the 5th inning of an NLCS game, this future CS major at Stanford learned to
“Cut deals as an 9 year old”
He’s like 15 now
Disclosure: I am a Stanford university athletics booster. I can’t talk to high school athletes past Frosh year. So, be ncaa compliant and just read what is say IN REAL LIFE
Gmail alerts FIXED 2026 by CS major ceo “Chris”
FTC disclosure – my posting this video of “Chris” is semi COPPA compliant. I say “semi” bc CONGRESS can’t get its act together to legislate (see my 2000, 102nd Congress testimony in the public congressional record. June 2000??)
Larry is short for Lawrence 
Intimidated by the credit industry?
*StackOverflowed is where you push 24 positive credit interactions into the FICO grid. 24 on time payments = FICO 750. What I mean is that you can stack overflow #ExpTransFax (the three credit bureaus are Experian Trans Union Equifax, obvi)
The bureaus are a compilation of bad news. #ExpTransFax, u like that hashtag bitches? It’s TM Larry Chiang of duck9 in a sep holding company :-)) So, in conclusion, “stackoverflow #ExpTransFax and pepper in 24 positive interactions with the FICO grid”. By charging 20.oo on a credit card attached to your OWN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. THEN PAYING OFF ALL TWENTY DOLLARS PER MONTH
#EXPtransFAX has the business model of brokering the negative credit information about you. Your only countermeasure in America is 1,111 blog posts….

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