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5 Surprising Patterns of SXSW’s Eventbrite Events and Party Dynamics

by Larry Chiang on March 2, 2014

By Larry Chiang 
Curating the SXSW’s party landscape is like looking at an engineer’s credit risk model on a Duck9 dash. You could be an eleven year expert, yet miss something.
As a perennial party crasher*, annual SXSW speaker, “after party king**”, and 20x host of official and unOfficial Austin events, I see patterns. These, I recognize will help significantly improve your SXSW experience. It helps to have a system to filter what is important as an entrepreneur and founder en route to SXSW 
/1/ Automated RSVP 
Hand curated is the route to go. If I were a newbie, I’d use the “foot-in-the-door” / ledge technique. Opposite end of the spectrum is to pay a fee and outsource. My end of the bell curve, the right side of the bell curve uses a ledge to wedge your foot and build momentum. In short, coming to Austin from Oak Brook, Illinois, you’d get your ROI by value addedly RSVP-ing via a blog post. For example, shows you how to. Spending 20-30 minutes RSVP ing is the opposite of…
/2/ Death of the Free RSVP
RIP FREE. 2014. On Eventbrite, if you crunch the email address and attach a credit value, you’d see that email address quality is spam grade. By credit value, I mean credit card, credit score credit. Yes, email address showing up yield, “email addie person made up yesterday”. For example, or Chrissy.Farr.Sxsw@gmail
A free solution to free is doing a rebated ticket. #LCRRM is open source, Git-hub style signature recipe to solve free tix. LCRRM also helps you…
/3/ Ga Ga Guarantee Selling Out
When a concert promoter marks their event sold out; They sell 30% more.
I broke down 35 li’l steps here:
/4/ Planning is critical but plans are useless.
Plot spoiler. The best events are 100% impromptu. For example, Sean Parker doesn’t do an Eventbrite. He would just hand a wad of cash to a Ryan Shea or a Nick Tippmann. Then, the alpha male would say: Execute.
This. This cliche pattern happens every year. This is why using a “ledge” and foot-in-the-door” is crucial. Use wordpress to network by announcing your RSVP via a gmail alert.

Every time I mention, Dave McClure, it shows up in his Gmail. Google “half baked Kauffman”.
/5/ Archive value.
Eventbrite events have high archive value. They still have value after. Hosts value in-bound blog links that augment archive value. That. That is why doing an MVBP (minimum viable blog post) for a foot-in-the-door works.

Networking via WORDPRESS via trackbacks works! The “foot-in-the-door” / ledge technique turn into a full-on springboard or/and accelerator.

Bonus. Advanced credit. AP style.
/6/ Guest to Host Transition.
Eric Ries has Min Viable Product. I think you should do a Less Than Minimum Viable Party (LTMVP :-).
Similar to how you go from observing founders to doing an MVP. Transition from guest to host doing a LTMVP of your own. Impromptu style. Ryan Shea / Jacob Cole like.
11 minute party.
Like an aged steak, the eventbrite needs time to marinate– like letting the uric acid break down the cow muscle.
Leading all y’all to the inevitable ENTREPRENEUR conclusion: 
“Eventbrite Franchise Acquisition”.
/7/ Party M&A via Franchises

So, you can buy a franchise like a Cold Stone, Fraiche Yogurt or Subway. But a Eventbrite party franchise you just get.
Right now you can “get some!” Only from me.
Look thru what you might like here
Parties merge all-the-time. For example Canaan Partners at Web 2.0 Summit merged with my Duck9 party. Read about how VentureBeat covered it at St Regis here

/8/ Before Mergers as Party Acquisitions and Franchises



Get the credit for helping. My party mentor taught me, “there are only two types of people: hosts and guests”

/9/ What Stanford Engineering Teaches Engineers About Sequel Franchises.

You can do a sequel company to a company you do not work at. This is taught at ENGR145 
Old meaning of franchise is pay $200k for an 80 hour per week job that makes you $90k.
New meaning is the Hollywood meaning. A Hollywood franchise example is ProsperAss. Before the film, there was the best book, cartoon comic, app and event series and YouTube mini-series.
All in all, start by practicing a pop up After Party at SXSW and read my TechCrunch article

It DJ-mixey-mashes up
– sequels
– franchise 
– co-hosting
– pre-blogging as a guest
– pre blogging the event as a host

And text me.

I’m at SXSW doing video!
Oh and do a video RSVP too. It’s very value added

And come to my event FOUR SEASONS Austin is doing for me!

If u wanna co-host 03-07-14, do an MVBP :-))
U a girl?! 
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