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9 Ways to Jump to the Right Side of the Entrepreneur Bell Curve

by Larry Chiang on September 20, 2013

By Larry Chiang

My li’l video moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve

But I keep hearing two things over and over (ONE) If it were so easy why wouldn’t everyone do this? (TWO) Are you serious? I’m serious and it is because while it is easy to do, it is way way WAY easier NOT to do it My theory as to why people don’t make the jump will be coupled with HOW TO MAKE THE JUMP.

I’ll list out 9 things I observed with the funny ones first:

-1- Best and most funny method number one. Cross the Innovation chasm from the right. This is tech speak for “sell something that already exists. Did you laugh? Well, if you read what I read… (Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore) And (Escape Velocity by Geoffrey Moore) Then you’d laugh because “Cross the Innovation chasm from the right” is OBVIOUSLY THE SEQUEL BOOK THAT HAS NOT BEEN PUBLISHED YET.

Hahaa, see the video that went viral among Wharton MBA’s and Section I, HBS-ers. The conclusion is sell something that already exists during your MBA class on entrepreneurship called ENGR 145.

Hahaahaaa hiLarryAss leads me to #2

-2- Second best and pretty darn funny method to quantum leap on the bell curve The MVBP.

It is a minimum viable blog post (MVBP). You see, most people are so afraid of even posting a Facebook statuses for fear of being fearfully paralyzed. It is hilarious because armed with a wordpress (free), you will gain access to very expensive conferences, gmail alert mentors and document simple truths (with a link to the tech conference or industry trade show). What is more hilarious #hiLarryAss hilarious, is that almost nobody pre blogs an event. Pre event publicity is critical. Inbound links are critical. Q: Larry Chiang, won’t I be risking a lot if I blog LARRY CHIANG ANSWER: your MVBP is, by definition, 12 sentences, 2 pictures and one focus. You’re saying little but establishing much.

-3- Method number THREE Paul Graham said to me (via his blog post, “Do things that don’t scale”. I recommend engineering up a tidal wave of momentum, perpetual promotion machine (EUTWMPPM ing up a party where, at worst, five people will come.

Think of it like a Minimum Viable Party ( MVP 🙂 A min viable party is 11 minutes long.


Yes. Yes an 11 minute party has as much social media momentum (when done the #ENGR145 way) as a two hour, open bar party. Let me repeat that. A Larry Chiang 11 minute party has more social media momentum (when done the #ENGR145 way) because you are EUTWMPPM -ing

For example, my afterparty at Web 2.0 Expo.

For example, ENGR145 students afterparty at Google I/O

For example ENGR 145 students hosting the Tim Draper midnight keynote at SXSW.

For example my Web 2.0 Summit AfterParty that was acquired by a VC firm.

I execute Paul Graham’s blog post. I do so using “Entrepreneur Jiu Jitsu”. OH! That’s my next point!!

-4- Entrepreneur Jiu Jitsu Jiu Jitsu uses gravity and existing momentum to your advantage.

You and two friends in an entrepreneur class are specs of dust compared to a large encumbent company. Startups are dangerous! That is why you should Jiu Jitsu up an LCMCC (Larry Chiang mini company concept).


It is in the intro video up above

Key things to do when forming an LCMCC – keep in mind, this move is genius – know that startups (as defined by Steven Blank) is loser collection of people in search of a business model.

Err, loose collection of people in search of a business model.


I read and re read Steven Blank’s book. Do you know what a sequel concept is to that book??!? EUBM.

Yup, EUBM is “engineer up a business model”.

Question: I’m sick of all the acronyms and I’m getting tired. Why? Why the jargon and why the acronyms?! EUTWMPPM is obnoxious.

LARRY CHIANG ANSWER: you should probably leave this blog post because you sound like you’re complaining about getting an entrepreneur crib sheet!!

Yo, I’m glad you’re still with me!!

-5- It is not risky!

I came up with a way to engineer out the risk.


This is all a secret side project. Also, google RMRMRE.

-6- Get a Mentor to Help You PRPRPI and LCATC You.

This is critical and your classmates will scan this point. Don’t scan, memorize these acronyms (and tweet them at me @larrychiang)

Google PRPRPI and Google LCATC

Pattern Recognize, Pattern Replicate, Pattern Iterate. Yes, they’re in the video Yes, you have your mentor pattern recognize for you. We as mentee’s, focus on Pattern Replicate and Pattern Iterate.

LCATC Larry Chiang Air Traffic Controll

This is like in Bourne Ultimatum where Jason Bourne LCATC’s a journalist. LCATC also happens in Ratatouille where the rat got LCATC’d by the chef. The rat read and Re read the cook book so many times that the chef was able to LCATC the rat from the grave.

LCATC happens all the time. Can you name another movie? Or real life?

-8- Did you take paper notes?? Take paper notes to move to the right of the bell curve. If you haven’t taken down paper notes, do so

Remember, it’s easy to do but way way easier not to do it. It is a checklist. It is SO EASY. I’d continue teaching ENGR 145, but I’m busy doing. Text me a picture of your notes to my email please Text it to 650-283-8008.

-9- Do a “Treasure Map” so jump to the right side of the entrepreneur bell curve

Shakti Gawain mentored me on this. It is a real world wall of notes.

A treasure map plots and plans you path toward your entrepreneur goals. It is an orgasm of evidence where people say: Gawd, so I guess this is your treasure map.

Treasure maps are in movies. Serial killers have press clippings, yarn and a map to buried bodies. It serves as a visual orgasm of evidence. Build a treasure map wall that would make a Hollywood director jealous. Jim Rohn said during his motivational speeches: “No wonder they were successful. Look at all they DID” I would wish you luck, but you’re at the end of my blog post, so you’re the kind of person that makes their own luck. Now, Re read this and Re watch the video and send me some notes!!!!!!

PS Read Dan Shipper’s blog post He’s an undergrad like u

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