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A Four Year Old Tweet Get New Life

by Larry Chiang on April 20, 2016

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
How to simulate the “real time” feeling of FICO score improvement process like a @waze trip @Loh @6502838008

By Larry Chiang

Uniquely experienced, I should know this solution  but am mentally blocked.
Help me!?
Actually help me, help you and your Engineering 145 “Mini Company Concept”. You see I am a credit score expert and a Waze proponent. I also advocate DJ-ing and discjockeying API’s.
My credit expertise is on SlideShare and before Congress as a credit expert and World Bank as a financial expert.
My Waze experience is from Waze. And I did a lot of #LeadGen.

The 2012 tweet that still haunts me
Elliot Loh (@Loh)
Testing @waze for the first time in heavy traffic. Personal finance startups would do well to analyze this app.

Fourteen minutes later, I text/tweeted…

CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
@Loh how so?
Please answer how @waze can help personal finance co’s pattern replicate

Your summer engineering 145 “startup” needs to execute this tweet that happened twenty five minutes later…

Elliot Loh (@Loh)
@6502838008 1) @waze poured on the magic sauce & made normally-boring traffic fun; 2) social but non-creepy; 3) realtime feeling of progress

Thank you Elliot Loh

Another happy CS student alum using Waze. 

Concise, clear and challenging. 
1) @waze poured on the magic sauce & made normally-boring traffic fun; 
2) social but non-creepy; 
3) realtime feeling of progress

What is DJ api!?! DJ like disc jockey. API like Application Protocol Interface.

Good luck executing Waze-for-FICO-score-augmentation inside summer at Stanford University’s Engineering 145. Right now, this idea like all ideas, are open source. Me and Elliot Loh retain zero rights to this idea. Also, I open sourced the Duck9 credit protocols via 2100 wordpress blog posts.  

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