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All the Best Engineering 145 Day 1’s

by Larry Chiang on April 19, 2016

By Larry Chiang
I remember a lot of the Day 1’s in ENGR 145. It’s your first day in the Stanford entrepreneurship community.
Day 1: 2010, “First Round Capital” party in SF
Day 1, 2011 Voyager Capital BBQ in Woodside
Day 1 2012: Google’s Google I/O conference. An ENGR145 team launched on Day #1**
Day 1, 2016… This guy is on The Farm
June 22, 2016
President Obama is keynoting Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Itll double as Day #2 of ENGR145, but you’re gonna need to clear security and RSVP to get in. {Picture courtesy Democratic National Congressional Caucas March 2016 Austin Texas fundraiser with @Whurley}
This year, 2016… Day 1 of Stanford Engineering will be June 22, 2016.  #GES2016 is also June 22.  I’d reach out to StartX to co-produce something. 

Problem. VIPs at  #GES2016 have zero clue what Engineering 145 is and do not know its significance in reducing infant business mortality (Professor Tom Kosnik Lec 1; #ENGR145)

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
The local college here in #SiliconValley has cellphone numbers right on the syllabus’ PDF
Have u heard of Stanford University. privatePac22

Yes, the syllabus I am talking about is Professor Tom Kosnik.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
when you attend #GES2016, let me know if you want a text intro to a VC

Time to click  #GES2016 so you can pre study the agenda. Time to google the E145 syllabus so you can regurgitate things to say to #GES2016 attendees like the President

image1.JPG Fashion Week. This is the best place to launch something you made inside Stanford Engineering 145, “Technology Entrepreneurship”


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