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A Great Job in 2.8 Years (2018 would suck to be unEmployed)

by Larry Chiang on September 11, 2015

By Larry Chiang

Think of getting a great job as a guacamole recipe that takes 2.8 years. 

Like guac!?

Of course, you like guacamole. You see, I love it so much, I built a complex metaphor that will blow your Kappa Alpha Theta mind. [It won’t explode your Delta Sigma Pi brain because, shucks, I was featured in that business fraternity’s magazine :-] The metaphor is

– knowing a great job takes both traditional schooling and “street smart” schooling. 
After your first milestone, you can treat yourself to a cookie. In 2.8 years you can celebrate w Gua GuaGuacamole. 
– people that make guac actually attend real world events that compare and contrast guacamole recipes. They do not just toil alone. 
– the rewards are short term and long term. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
How to go from no credit and no job soph. year to great credit and a tech marketing job #Jobapreneur [$45.00]

Download the Twitter app and search #Jobapreneur to skip paying me $45.00. If you’re a theta or a DSP, I’ll offer you a 100% rebate on your 45 bucks. Yup, all $45 back. Just send me two sentences of thought back after you PayPal my PayPal email; LarryChiang @duck9. My payPal cell phone is (650) 283-8008. 

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