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Alpha Up in a Room of Alpha Males

by Larry Chiang on October 5, 2012

By Larry Chiang

I’m alpha.

Here is how I’m alpha male in rooms FULL of alphas

-1- Do Something.

All chiefs and zero Indians makes for a bad tribe. So, in a room of alphas, I’m the biatch.

Mentally, I think: execute administrative assistant role. It means handling details. Taking notes with a pen and a moleskin. Getting water to people. This leads to


Alphas in a room show up expecting status. It’s the general aire of deservedness. This does not leverage staff.

Me?! I learned from my mentor. Mark McCormack taught me to get home field advantage on the road. In a conference room meeting room, leverage staff and TIP

-3- Eight Abraham Lincoln’s Flanks 8 Figure Bank Accounts

I waged a guerilla war en route to being a 222 pound Gorilla in this town of Silicon Valley. My tools were eight five dollar bills. I tip 8 Abraham Lincoln’s to outflank teams of people with 8 figure bank accounts.

-4- Mistake = Trying to Out Alpha Alpha

Most non-alpha males I meet knock down males. Peeing into fountains, knocking over blocks, knocking over soda cans didn’t get you to alpha male in school

True alpha males in a room just complement each other.

-5- Genuinely Kiss Butt

Compliments need to come from a place of truth.

Alphas compliment each other. Find something that they do that is legendary and recognize them for that. Kissing butt is much easier when you just latch on to one positive trait. Use that ledge trait that you recognize to fill them with your energy.

-6- Listen.

I learned from this Shih Tzu named Baxter.

He crashed board of director meetings just by being cute and listening. It listened with it’s entire being.

Ever so slight head tilt.

Focus. On. Every. Word.

Studies. Eyes showing access to brain (NLP eye accessing clues). Brain is in the on position.

-8- Remembering Names

It’s important.

-9- Self Deprecating Humor.

Get some!!

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