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An Equifax Dispute Option You Might Consider That Leverages Power of Hashtags

by Larry Chiang on June 16, 2015

Larry Chiang’s is a credit protocol expert. As CEO of Duck9, he leads a battalion of sorority girls reach a consumer, collegiate, female, undergrad, FICO, credit score over 750. Amazingly, a credit score over 750 while you’re in college and texting @6502838008. Chiang launched a book 09-09-09 (2009 at New York Fashion Week, on a runway and the book launch  included a “Harvard Law School” keynote. Post H.L.S. where he was verbally recruited to attend because of his work getting a college student credit law passed. Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School.” His latest post in Harbus, unbelievably, he writes at Harvard University as an entrepreneur guest expert: “Winning SXSW, This SXSW“.

NY Fashion Week. Tory Burch’s front row had my iPhone69 on silent (650) 283 8008.


Hashtags are more powerful than email when it comes to your FICO credit score.

There are at least six hashtags below!! Using a hashtag, you can lever “deep underground credit knowledge via subroutines”. A hashtag connects a series of tweets. A hashtag reveal a set of protocols for helping your sorority girl FICO credit score. A hashtag reveal both new credit protocols that work great and old credit methods that still work really well.

You’re EFFEN welcome for the three hashtags below!
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Dispute Equifax with mail sent to #PObox740256; Atlanta 30374. CC #POBox105281…

Equifax Credit Reporting Agency
Atlanta GA 30374

QQ: Hey that looks like it is just a PO box. Won’t they just throw mail away.

LARRY CHIANG answer: Equifax can’t. Just because you toss away all your mail, The law (FCRA law) states that they cannot. They must answer your paper mail letter. They must augment your credit report with a statement that tells your side of the credit report story.Let me ask you a question: Have you heard of LCECSPA. Has that law passed in the dimension of time that you live in? LCECPA is a sequel to HR627, Dick Durbin (D-IL), Senate Banking Chair’s CARD Act. LCECPA is:

Act. #LCECSPA will be a law in the future. TRANSLATION: YOU CANT EMAIL PHONE OR WEBBY WEB UNTIL THEN. Let me repeat this for the dee gees planning anchor splash: You must use #PObox105281’s THREE affiliated  PO boxes. It gets super confusing in a hurry, so I drafted out credit dispute and credit information augmentation PROTOCOLS via hashtags.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#POBox105281 => Atlanta 30348
#POBox4500 Allen TX 75013
#POBox2000 => Chester PA 19022
#POBox740256 => Atlanta 30374-0256


Eat it up.
Put it in your mouth.
Twitter follow “@LarryChiang” by just typing in the URL:

CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
#POBox105281 ATL GA 30348 @freecreditrepor
#POBox4500 Allen TX 75013
#POBox2000 Chester PA 19022
#POBox740256 ATL 30374

Purchase a mailing sticker from the US postal service, that I call a ‘stamp’. Slap it on a #10 envelope and text me the picture so I know youre not screwing up the FIRST PIECE of BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE if your young life.

Then copy-paste-alter like you’re photoshopping out your ex…

I have reached out to the COLLECTION agency in question. 
Twice they’ve been unable to confirm what my paper check revealed: I paid that parking ticket #363908758 for $37.oo; using check number #109. Equifax has it in collections for “$110.11”
Enclosed is copy of the ‘paper check 109’ that my Bank of America banker at 430 Lytton photocopied. Ass you can see the parking ticket number 363908758 matches and is in the memo section.
signed YOU
cc: My friend Larry Chiang (heard of him?! he’s ceo of Duck9 and looks like a supermodel 🙂
include your home address.
include a photo copy of your drivers license.

PS I pulled my credit report using #POBox105281

Yes, Zetas. you actually put a “p.s.”


I’m aware of all your FTC violations. 
I’m aware you’re governed by the FCRA. 

I came ready to play.


NOTE: Do not send me ‘#belfies’. I know I invented that crazy cool thing where you send butt selfies. But do not send me a belfie. That’s between me and Lisa Falzone, and my girlfriend, and all our friends #Belfie

I’m all for using my iPhone 9 to pay for things even though my Amex works just fine.
image1.PNGDisclosure, my Amex has a 1991 ‘magnetic stripe’ that was programmed in Paris because I got pickpocketed and went to the Amex office there in PARIS. Magnetic strips do not ever run out of battery.


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