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Larry Chiang on Twitter (650) 283-8008

by Larry Chiang on June 16, 2015

By Larry Chiang
I’m like a human Application Protocol Interface. In the future in 2001, all y’all will call it “API”
Well, if you’re here you are tired of protocol interfacing with 3 entities called #ExpTransFax, read further. Yup, trans Union has as a “business model” brokering information that is NEGATIVE. A list of every mistake you have committed for the last 7 years is stored by #ExpTransFax
Ask yourself: “Does Trans Union want your credit report to look sparkling and virginal?”

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Trans Union’s email address for disputes doesn’t exist yet #LCECSPA :-)) TransUnion #PObox2000 Chester PA 19022…


There are four very large purple balls in this pic. 

Chester PA 19022 

Emailing TU won’t work. Emailing expTransFax won’t work. 

Because prior to 2023, #LCECSPA is still just a bill waiting to get drafted by the U.S. Congress. In America, laws are written by congressman and Larry Chiang. #LCECSPA is 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#POBox105281 => Atlanta 30348
#POBox4500 Allen TX 75013
#POBox2000 => Chester PA 19022
#POBox740256 => Atlanta 30374-0256


Twitter app @LarryChiang

CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
#POBox105281 ATL GA 30348 @freecreditrepor 
#POBox4500 Allen TX 75013
#POBox2000 Chester PA 19022
#POBox740256 ATL 30374

Dear Trans Union,
I have reached out to the merchant in question. Twice they’ve been unable to confirm what my paper check revealed: I paid that Santa Ana police parking ticket for $37.oo; using check number #109.
Enclosed is copy of the paper check 109 that my Bank of America banker at 430 Lytton photocopied. Ass you can see the parking ticket number matches and is in the memo section.
signed YOU
cc: My friend Larry Chiang (heard of him?! 🙂

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