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Austin Texas’, Best in Show Party, March 2014 #LarryChiangSonar

by Larry Chiang on September 16, 2013

UPDATE: the new hashtag is #LarryChiangSONAR
By Larry Chiang
RSPV for #08Mar2014 via a very specific facebook wall post (no fanpage liking necessary!)

How will you be seen and heard amid 68,000 SXSW Interactive attendees at SXSW 2014? How will journalists find you? How do you, your company, your minimum viable product, gain their attention? And how do you ensure you meet the right journalists?

Enter Larry Chiang: I am your moist efficient solution for gaining visibility and meeting qualified and selected journalists, bloggers and analysts.

Yes I meant moist! Jk

#LarryChiang delivers to you the ability to get return on your SXSW dollar before SXSW starts (literally. OMG, not only did I refer to myself in the third person, I also hashtagged it ;-). You bring the startups to showcase with hands-on demos inside an invitation-only press event. 

Make sure that if youre taking a startup bus to SXSW, that you make sure you get to Austin Texas BEFORE SXSW. PAST YEARS SOME BUSSES GET THERE WAYYYYYY LATE AND GET DETOURED. “Pound Larry Chiang Sonar” identifies, invites and qualifies key journalists, bloggers and analysts, who work their way around the room, from company to company. If they are not there, we will email them or text them.

Top bloggers, press and top industry analysts (like Jeremiah Owyang– invited) welcome this event because of my reputation for presenting interesting startups, combined with a reception with great food, clean tap water and my Gua Gua Guacamole recipe that the Four Seasons in Austin uses. I am not saying it is at the Four Seasons, I am saying the Four Seasons executes my Gua Gua Guacamole recipe.

Yes. The Official #LarryChiangSonar #AfterParty takes place at 98 San Jacinto. Yes, they use my Guacamole recipe. Yes, you should google Gua Gua Guacamole to prep for this event.

Best of all for attendees… 

…it all takes place in just three hours over two special evenings. 11:00pm March 6 – 2AM MARCH 7, 2014. (11pm is one hour before midnight and 2AM is two hours after it. Yes, I studied engineering at a public school.) and March 8, 2014. See the facebook note for details and RSVP instructions

The global leader in entrepreneurship, Larry Chiang has a proven track-record for producing and engineering the most efficient, cost effective and engaging parties for you and your company to enhance your branding and visibility, to gain attention for your products with important journalists, analysts and influencers in a viral way.

Because I have a fund, this is free. This is free because you stalk my twitter feed and are a first responder. First to act and first-to-respond, gets rewarded. Later, attendees will pay 1995.oo/startup. Do I keep that cash?! Nope, I will divvy it up and fly in cool stuff. Like a Ryan Shea or Jacob Cole.

I’d like to thank Remmy Oxley. You should thank him too and tweet at him @remmyOxley. He loves it when you include the hashtag #LarryChiangSonar– jk, he doesn’t. He is kind of a d*ck.

Larry Chiang Sonar @ SXSW is my annual blockbuster. Larry Chiang events throughout the year make the connections between consumer, VCs, convergence, startups and clueless founder teams* with the press and analysts and VCs. No VCs are allowed to RSVP at this moment. Tweet at Remmy Oxley to syndicate your invite (Seriously, I comped him like 12 🙂

*When I say clueless, I mean teams that haven’t read one of my 1,900 blog posts on entrepreneurship.
*When I say clueless, I mean those that do not test at the 90th percentile for my AP test on entrepreneurship
*When I say clueless, I mean those that did not study my HBS thesis

Larry Chiang offers you the most complete package. Included in the Larry Chiang package for SXSW are other value-adds such as:
Access to over 800 top international journalists.

  • 3 full hours to meet the press.
  • Gmail alert press (and VC’s) using specially orchestrated technology in Austin.
  • Three google doc files: Pre-Event (2) with contact info for journalists – plus pound PoundLarry Chiang (#PoundLarryChiang), a Larry Chiang exclusive – and a post-event file for follow up.
  • Access to the “Larry Chiang green room” – its like the “media village” for ShowStoppers Jan 7 @CES. It’s a dedicated area of broadcasters interested in your products – a Larry Chiang  exclusive 😀
BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE (if you’re an engineer at MIT, PACC or Cal. PACC is Palo Alto’s Community’s College. The Pac 12 refers to us as Stanford University)
Move yourself to the right on the SXSW entrepreneur bell curve 
RSVP by texting my cell, “Austin Texas’, Best in Show Party, March 2014 #LarryChiang”
Don’t just text “#LarryChiang”
Are you a woman? Come!!
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Stanford University Entrepreneur in Residence, Emeritus
Duck9 = “Deep Underground Credit Knowledge” 9
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Palo Alto CA 94301
650-566-9696 (direct)
650-283-8008 (cell)
Editor of the BusinessWeek Channel “What They Don’t Teach at Business School”
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Author, NY Times Bestseller
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