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Be Slutty and Rebellious

by Larry Chiang on August 14, 2013

By Larry Chiang

In your college undergrad time, be Slutty and Rebellious in your banking.

The general population is incorrectly being monogamous in their banking. Their checking account, car loan and mortgage are all at one bank or credit union. This is wrong because your one bank takes advantage of you and takes advantage of your loyalty.

Be slutty.

You want to bank at multiple locations. Eventually, you want to bank at multiple locations. Since you’re a college student, you will start with one account (checking) and eventually (2-6 months later) two credit card/charge card accounts. Your first credit card account will be a low limit credit card from the same bank as your checking account bank. Your charge card credit card will come from American Express Both will have no fees and no annual fees. Both will not have rewards or points. Saving up points pales in comparison to building up a high FICO credit score

I explain FICO scores in this video on YouTube:

SO, now you understand being a slut in banking…


Do not bank where your parents bank. You will get a not-so-great deal. The general public makes the mistake of banking where their parents bank. There are a slew of mistakes that stem from banking where your parents bank
– mixed credit file
– mixed social security number attribution
– mediocre deals offered
– minimized impact of building your own credit card credit score
– mitigated impact of building a FICO score that is attached to your own social security number

So… Be semi rebellious and startup an account where your uncle banks. Ideally it’s a dirty uncle

Ideally that uncle is kinda a dick. Don’t get me wrong, if your privileged and your parents pay for everything, get a bank account where your parents bank AND mooch another $300 bucks to deposit where your uncle banks.

The goal of all this is that you want 24 1’s on your virginal credit report


Sorry to bust out sexual term #3, “VIRGIN” Here is what I mean by 24 1s and yes. Yes, you should care. Read my power point that a seventh grader can understand…

“What A Super Model Can Teach a Harvard MBA About Credit”

If you have any questions and are a college student, text me. My cell is below

American Express’ Under-Promoted Credit Truths at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW)”

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