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by Larry Chiang on June 10, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Problem: a few YC startups will never reach $1.00 in revenue. I won’t disclose how many but, it’s staggering. 
I wanted to call this blog post: “Better text Larry”. But texting is YC’s problem. All y’all can’t talk on the telephone. Me!? I blame fB for allowing you to ‘booty fB notify’. I was PUA mentored to “booty call”. 
Ok, this isn’t a blame game. This is a solution that entails getting $899,999 in revenue. You get the last dollar to say you participated 🙂
The theorem I’ll derive… (Btw, if you’re ignorant to the difference between theory and theorem, make a fist with your off hand and punch yourself in the face). This is the theorem for 
#BetterTelephoneTalk2LarryChiang Its a sequel to @BetterCallSaul

BetterCallSaul (@BetterCallSaul)
Who’s gonna call Saul next? Show creator Vince Gilligan wants to spill the beans. Enter:

And three pics

Better Call Saul creator, Vince Gilligan, wants you to call (505) 842-5662 
You call Saul if you’re a fictitious New Mexico meth dealer that teaches chemistry during the day. You call Larry Chiang if you’re a real startup founder that’s constipatedly attempting to flow money in as it firehoses out. 
Money in
Money out. 
Don’t fret. Remember, there are 17 PDF docs for equity out. But only one YC PDF for money in. True story. 
The payoff: 
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Need rev $$ #1 to $899,999!? #BetterTelephoneTalk2LarryChiang. Cost = 1/3 Eq + 9% comm @6502838008 #CSmajorCRO #First899999theHardest :-))

(650) 283-8008

Blog post end. #DropsMic
You’re crashing an industry “Without Their Permission”. Youre crashing conferences and parties… You’re “doing things that don’t scale (BUT HAVE MOMENTUM)”. You’re executing the theorem “#CS183s” 
CS 183b kinda addressed #dttdsBHM 63,030 students took CS183b. Guess how many have revenue?
The number:

CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
It’s like being a “Welcome Wagon” for Silicon Valley parties and FICO score…

My goal. I want to install the wetware of my mentors sales brain inside your brain. 

See how “Kobe Bryant” put ‘Michael Jordan’s’ brain inside his:
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
On Kobe vs Michael Jordan, MJ said, “I can’t beat Kobe. He stole all my moves.”
#LarryChiangSky is putting a 40yo brain inside a 24 yo


See “Muse”. It’s Gotham Chopra’s documentary on Kobe Bryant. See how Kobe installed the Michael Jordan protocol. See how Kobe mentions a dozen mentors.
Larry Chiang watched Pitch Perfect as
Founder and CEO of Duck9
Stanford University’s Founding Entrepreneur in Residence
(Duck9) Deep Underground Credit Knowledge 9
c/o UCMS Inc
2021 Midwest Road / 3rd FL
Oak Brook IL
650-283-8008 (c)
(650) 566-9600 -PALO ALTO
(512) 775-8100 -AUSTIN
Founder of “What They Don’t Teach at Business School” for CNN iReport
Chris, the 9 year old, can sell better than you because of 3 hours at a baseball game

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