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Brady. Most of the time he opens doors for me…

by Larry Chiang on November 5, 2015

By Larry Chiang

Networking at places you are not invited to is intimidating…

Brady is my shih tzu and he is a connector. Having a connector is like a catalyst that lowers the activation energy. When you are starting up a business, or building a start-up or just starting up your FICO score, it is great and awesome if you have a connector that builds connections, introduces you to mentors and facilitates ‘networking’ (I see starting a business as crashing an industry because they entrenched incumbents see you as a threat. Ditto if you’re starting up your FICO score)

Here, Brady has opened the door to enter the field…

As a connector, Brady can open a lot of doors!


Networking at parties you crash has three areas that I focus on. They’re very similar! Here are the three areas where I network uninvited:
– Money. Money has an industry with unwritten rules. I network at credit industry conferences because your interest rate determines how much you pay to use OPM (Other People’s Money)

– I network uninvited at VC conferences. Entrepreneurs use money that belongs to a venture capitalist. I network at these parties because I like how street smart VCs are. I like how many people VCs know. I do not like VC money. Its like a mortgage. Ideally, you own your mansion in Atherton, outright.

– I like to network uninvited at Business Schools. The b-school is chock full of knowledge about accounting, finance and organizational behavior.

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