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by Larry Chiang on November 4, 2015

by Larry Chiang

Founders do not focus on the first 17 steps. My theorem is that founders skip because I see the steps they should take, but do not.

The theorem has a proof in the real world: Paul Graham’s lecture 3, CS 183b. PG’s own lecture does not get focus on “Do things that don’t scale” until the 44 minute mark.

Mentoring people to “Do things that don’t scale” is incredibly UNPOPULAR.
Telling CS majors to sell, is so unpopular.
Y Combinator has time and time again inferred and implied and connotated that you should sell. These mentorship snippets are at “#dttdsBHM + YC partner name”

For my father’s sake, learn sales techniques even if you went and go to MIT. He did and it took him 30 years to finally break down and sell something. Tom Chiang was the youngest brother, at the best school, and best looking. But wayyyyy risk adverse.

I curated his journey into the DTTDS (#dttdsBHM) in a hashtag called #TCEET.

Step 1: Arbitrage something by selling it first and then buying it
(hat top Paul Buchheit: “Sell first and then code it”)

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