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Business School for Engineers to Do Networking BEFORE BUSINESS SCHOOL

by Larry Chiang on July 13, 2015

By Larry Chiang
I’m a couple years short of my MBA
As an engineering major (and now semi pro, CS major), I needed the knowledge of business school before I even considered prepping the gmat. I saw the gmat as friction.
As an engineer, I understand and model friction and entropy inside the credit industry as bad. [live action footnote: I see gravity as either a killer or an accelerator of startups too, btw. It’s my JBA* thesisĀ 
So, engineers thinking about the 2+2 program…

Harvard University (@Harvard)
Engineers add a great perspective to business school classrooms ā€“ creative, analytical, and solution-orientedĀ


I made a hashtag so it’s easier to get the knowledge of business school before business school

World Economic Forum (@wef)
Which is the world’s best #business school for #networking?
image2.JPG networking via mail
Mr Peabody has significance at HBS
Think about the 2+2+ 600k program
2+2 = regular HBS GSB
600k program = #ZeroPt6
It’s a signature business protocolĀ #ZeroPt6, is
R2D2 is the real hero of Silicon Valley!!
*JBA is Jedi in business admin. I made that up

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