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Larry Chiang at MobileBeat 07/13/2015 to TUESDAY July 14, ’15

by Larry Chiang on July 13, 2015

Larry Chiang has a Jedi Business Administration degree that helps for growth hacking. Signature business recipes via ‘signature business protocols’ were gleaned from his mentors’, Mark McCormack’s, book. Using that book, Chiang ‘growth hacked’ the 09-09-09 launch of “What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School” at a runway at New York Fashion Week. Sundance and SXSW were distribution channels for “#WTDTYASBS”. Chiang mentions his mentor, Mark McCormack and gains entrance into marquee sporting events by tracking the critical metric, “Mentor mentions per press interview” (#MMPPI) Buy and read Mark McCormack of, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School“. It is the foundation for the below curation of MobileBeat.

The Hilton, SF, reminds of the Paris Hilton of Silicon Valley.
— Larry Chiang


by Larry Chiang

These are some of the best tweets about growth hacking at MobileBeat…

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)

MobileBeat is a conference that VentureBeat produces. It takes place after GrowthBeat in Boston and before GrowthBeat here in SF. Yes, it is all VentureBeat.

dan fricker (@le_frick)
re video & scroll speed: if you can’t have your vid playing during newsfeed scroll, you’ve lost your opp to engage. 6-8sec hook. #MobileBeat

I thought I was the pioneer of short.

I boiled down an mba into a 9:59 vid. 9 minutes, 59 sec. Then, here comes along 6-8 seconds. It reminds me of “11:11 minute abs”.

Sandra Ponce de Leon (@sandramp)
Push notifications opt for mobile are 40-60% vs email optin 7% – huge opp for personalized Msg @ affinity via @adammStanford #MobileBeat

Push sucks
Online marketing sucks
Email sucks but has ROI.

Alas, do we…

Marin Perez (@Marinperez)
“The notification center kind of looks like Hotmail in 1999” @adammStanford
Apps need to evolve with contextual messages #MobileBeat
Danna Ngo (@TheRealDannaNgo)
“Measure the hell out of your user acquisition” #MobileBeat

UPDATE: 537pm
Core: Money in. Money Out. Money kept. Can you distribute while making money.
Have you heard of #HTMMWYMM. It is Mark McCormack’s franchise lesson

Marin Perez (@Marinperez)
People don’t know how to turn off notifications, they know how to hold down the app and press X. Be mindful of your messaging #MobileBeat

Yup, you have been broken up with RE: BAAS (breakup as a service)


VentureBeat (@VentureBeat)
We’re kicking off #MobileBeat in San Francisco! #mobile #growthhacking

Until TUES!


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