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Cardinal Business Sinning

by Larry Chiang on June 2, 2015

By Larry Chiang

Writing about a complex issues is tough to tackle. As a rule, you do not explain a difficult concept (credit and financial literacy) with a more difficult concept (crossing the chasm).
Sin might be an overstatement. But, what the heck. Let’s call my financial literacy effort (in the confines of this Duck9 blog post), a sin.

Let’s lead off with a tweet:

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Financial literacy VS. “Second stage premiums” See how Shrek mentored Donkey over the scary bridge. Crossing the chasm. #CTCFTR

Financial literacy. As co-founder and CEO, I was able to lead 37 million people to a higher FICO score. I saw 37 million social security numbers and did not think “Lets make them financially literate”. I thought, “What short term incentives can I use to help every mutha scratcher ‘hack the marshmallow test’

Second. stage. Premium.

1/ Shrek = me

image.jpeg Asse9. You are asinine if you have credit card debt.
2/ You = The Eddie Murphy character
Aka Donkey. You’re. The. Ass.

3/ Lava = certain death via fire and the fall

Cross the chasm(from the right) #CTCFTR
See us doing financial literacy ABC, “News10”

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