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Citi Developer Challenge, Larry Chiang’s Fee’s $28.8k

by Larry Chiang on October 1, 2014

Larry Chiang has real skills with a made up degree: Jedi in Business Administration (JBA). After Chiang’s Harvard Law keynote, Harvard Business wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“ WTDTYASBS is the sequel title to his mentor’s book that is also a NY Times best seller. To show that he’s a loyal coat tailer, he launched it at his mentors New York Fashion Week event (IMG was started by Mark McCormack and IMG produces Fashion Week). It isn’t to be confused with the sequel book, “What They Will Never Teach You at Stanford Business School” that comes out 11-11-19. If you read his scandalously awesome “What a Supermodel Can Teach a Stanford MBA”, “How a Stanford Engineer Works Hard and Smart at SXSW” and “How to Get Man-Charm”, you will like his latest post

OAK BROOK, Illinois
By Larry Chiang

Larry Chiang’s 14 chapters of a book coming out Novenver -11-2019 “What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School
Citi Mobile Challenge
Citi Mobile Challenge US Tour 2014


Save the date!

We are very excited to invite you to register for the Citi® Mobile Challenge! Hope you can join us!

The Citi Mobile Challenge is a virtual competition designed to bring together the most talented and creative developers and companies to accelerate digital banking innovation with the power of Citi’s Mobile Banking Platforms. Selected participants will compete for the chance to explore taking their technologies into production with Citi as well as a share of $100,000 in cash awards. Also, all finalists who are selected to present at a Demo Day will receive mentorship from Citi executives and other leading experts from a range of backgrounds in the FinTech industry.

Registration will open on September 19th.

What is the Challenge?

The Citi Mobile Challenge will focus on two categories:

#1 Innovative Mobile Solutions
Mobile innovations are changing the way people connect, shop, save, and more. We are looking for innovative solutions that will harness the power of mobile and transform user experiences.
#2 The Internet of Things & Wearable Technology
Interconnected devices are gaining greater prominence by the day. We are looking for the next big thing in wearables, other hardware and their applications.
More information on what our API Toolkit will contain can be found on google
Who can participate?

We welcome innovators from any geography who want to join the Challenge to create remarkable experiences for Citi customers:

● Individuals or Developer Teams: 
Whether you prefer to work alone or in a team, it is your choice!

● Companies:
From startups with big ideas to established companies with big capabilities.

Where will the events
take place?

As a participant in the Challenge, you will decide where and how to work to develop your solution and pitch. If you make it to the finals, you will have the opportunity to present your solution in-person at one of three demo day events taking place in San Francisco, New York, or Miami in November.


What is the timeline for
the competition?
1 Through Oct. 3: Registration open on event website
2 Oct. 10: Accepted participants notified and receive API toolkit
3 Oct. 19: Participants submit final concepts/prototypes for judging
4 Oct. 31: Demo Day participants selected
5 Finalists compete at Demo Day events
Demo Days are Nov. 10, 2014 (San Francisco),
Nov. 12 (New York) and Nov. 14 (Miami).
Why should you be a
part of the Citi
Mobile Challenge?

Well, aside from having the chance to compete for a share of $100,000 in cash awards, the real reason for being a part of this Challenge is simple. By engaging with Citi through this Challenge, you’ll have the unique opportunity to present your solution in front of key decision makers across various areas of Citi and the possibility of scaling your solutions across Citi’s global platforms and networks. It is the rare chance to truly be a part of something special that could have a remarkable impact on millions of customers around the world. Find out more about our awards

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