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Closing for Deals @ SXSW 2014

by Larry Chiang on March 4, 2014

By Larry Chiang
I will close more deals at SXSW than every MBA visiting. Combined.
By “closing”, I do not mean closing ass. I mean, why come here for the ass when there is so much HEAT!? My SXSW cherry is in-tact more so than a Christian NBA athlete on-the-road @Utah.
Deals via pre-blogging 
Deals via gmail keyword alerting.
Deals in the Four Seasons steam
Deals on email. w dude’s email. Closing on Email via an address that you do not even have the email address for. Deals.

Larry Chiang @ SXSW (@LarryChiang)
ToDo reveal how to hoe post
Ben Horowitz #SXSW

RapLyric: “How to Hoe” => be a lead gen whore => close deals street smart with your engineering book smart.

<~ WOW
/1/ Always cc me, Larry (at) duck9 [dot] C-o-M
I’m important. So when you email. Cc me. I’ll prolly REPLY ALL something cray cray
/2/ Guess at their email
/3/ Master what masters-of-deal-closing know about email
Evan Reas and Ben Horowitz HERE
Mark Suster
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