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College Students! Banks are Gamificating US

by Larry Chiang on April 28, 2012

Gamification countermeasures are possible for college students to win at the credit card credit score game.

By Larry Chiang (EIR at Stanford University)

I’m speaking at a credit industry conference about gamification. It’s a conference about getting all y’all to think you’re in a game.

Yes, I’m a double agent.

You see I infiltrated an entire industry because banks were effing us over. Shifting due dates, exploding interest rates and shady interest rate calculation methods were just the start. Well, I passed the Credit Card CARD ACT, and WE WILL have the last laugh when I pass the “Larry Chiang Electronic Credit Score Protection Act”.

Anyhowz… Here are tips to countermeasure getting ‘gamified’

-1- First rule is to realize you’re in a game.

Sandy Lerner taught this to me. She founded Cisco, was funded by the venture capital firm Sequoia and was pre-maturely fired from her own company. See “Something Ventured”.

We as college students need to realize we are in a money-based game where the interest rate rules and the credit institutions are very much against us.

-2- Know the rules.

You’re playing in a game with rules set in the 1970’s. FCRA / FCBA are paper based. I’ll help you with the details later but just know as college students none of the credit rules make any common sense.

For example, disputing a credit mistake can only be done via a mailed USPS letter. Zero rights are retained if you call or email Re: FCRA – FCBA. This leads right into my next point…

-3- Urban Credit Myths Cloud Real Rules

Biggest myth running is that running your credit report hurts your credit. It’s just not true. There are three types of inquires. I blogged before about this here:

-4- Stop Trying to Collect Points

Airline points are the carrot that is advertised.

The stick is not pretty. The carrot of “free airline travel” is a mirage urban legend told by college students that brag. Most of these rules loopholes have been closed. When you hear of these legendary scheme scams, ask WHO SPECIFICALLY. If it’s a real hack and legal, email me and I’ll publish you at CNN, Yahoo or Bloomberg BusinessWeek. I write there and a lot of other places

-5- Points De Mystified

As a rule of thumb, an airline point is a penny. 30,000 mile/ points gets you a $300 airline ticket.

Charging $30,000 gets you a $300 ticket. But the bank paying you 1c per dollar only gets paid 0.45c (it’s the interchange. They make more if they’re The issuing bank and processor)

The issuing bank who gave you the miles loses money if you pay the balance off. Banks are shitty in their terms and conditions. Err shifty.

If you only charge $3,000/ year. Don’t game the airline points game. Instead play a way more important game only CS majors know about…

-6- CS Majors at Stanford University Hack Their FICO Score and You Should Too

Hacking is defined here as gaming the system legally. I game systems by understanding rules, laws, legislation and soon-to-be-published rules.

For example, I argued before the local paper in NY that engineers should get the knowledge of business school BEFORE b-school. It’s here “What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School” via @youtube

To get back to my point on the GAME YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING: get 24 1’s in a row. = FICO score 750.

-7- As seen at: TED Conference, SXSW, NCAA

I love 11:11 and major orgs help me promote this simple irrefutable TRUTH: 24 1’s (1’s are on-time payments) accelerates us college students to a FICO over 700




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