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Counterintuitive PO Box Management

by Larry Chiang on September 8, 2016

(Filed in humor)
By Larry Chiang
Okay, so your p.o. box sits at White Plaza. The only time you go is when Amazon ships you stuff and then you trek that 1.4 miles on your bike {breaking. 3-5 stop sign laws along the way :-}
Plot spoiler: the 800-850 range is all douchie Stanford kids who do what I did to establish a fico over “750”
While at White Plaza, you toss away 100% of your po box mail [and then fail to break down your Amazon box for recycling.]
Yes, you, open the Amazon box just enough to slip its contents out.
Prescient bordering on AI precognitive…, no!?! Well, just because you toss out the mail DOES NOT MEAN A BANK CAN CAST OUT THE MAIL YOU SEND TO chase, b of A, citi. Experian, TransUnion, Equifax.
In short, consumers may throw out mail.
Businesses can’t throw out your mail.
The lowly blue box can roar. See this blog post as a Tod Sacerdoti exercise in entrepreneurship because innovation does not mean throwing away everything old. Don’t know who Tod is!? Read his medium (and link to it in the comments for a free @fraiche!!)

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Wanna adhere to USA law, but realize the avg consumer can’t lick a self-adhesive stamp? A po Box might be right 4 u.…

In conclusion. The mailbox is an Achilles heel. Think of mailed mail as an ability to StackOverflow your three credit bureaus by stacking positive information month-to-month.

StackOverflowing the Trans Union credit filter was made popular by an Illinois engineering undergrad. The filter had a limit. So, after the limit, a consumer could just write directly on to their own credit report. “Stack”.
This Stanford University friendly site is targeted at future college grads and young professionals, contains user contributed content, and material that may be confusing to a non-engineering audience that didn’t get to backdoor a coterminous masters in engineering because they redshirted their freshman year.

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