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Credit Bureau Disputes, World Series Action, Venture Capital D-baggery

by Larry Chiang on October 28, 2014

by Larry Chiang

I read somewhere that VCs have an average FICO score of 678.

if the SF giants are losing by ten runs in the third inning in the 7th game cuz they flubbed. I will hot-swap. Yes, switch teams mid-stream. I mean it’d make Ewing Kauffman smile from heaven. Plus, he founded the Center for VC education. Plus, all the giants think I am weird anyway but Rich Aurilia anointed me as “a-Ok”. Plus I switched to VC and we all know they’re front running douchebags that fire founders.

After hot swapping. I will come back and be Giants fan in the same way I install and re-install a fired founder. I will come back and resuscitate your BK’d startup. I will perform Startup CPR on your Plancast even though the otter d-bags have jumped ship. It makes me douchier than you. It makes me worse than you. It makes me better than you. It just makes me MORE.

I wanna be dumber than you.
I wanna be smarter than you.

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