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KC Does Things That Don’t Scale, BUT HAVE MOMENTUM

by Larry Chiang on October 28, 2014

by Larry Chiang

Do Things That Dont Scale But Have Momentum.

Part of my doing a Uber “External API”, back before Uber even had an API, is to practice doing lead gen. You do not need Uber’s permission to help them promote in KC. Travis and Garrett founded Uber Cab. It is now just “Uber”

Uber launched in KC back in May but I bet 95% of hawt girls I meet will not have Uber on their telephone. So I will encourage fempreneurship at a Westin and
1/ install Uber on hot girls phone’s
2/ place my email address onto their phone too
3/ download 2-5 of my mentors ‘signature business recipes”

THe idea here is to practice “Doing Things That Dont Scale But Have Momentum”. My Lesson #4c is direct from the Paul Graham post “Do THings That Don’t Scale”

The new lead gets $30. You get $30

This is how I landed in Silicon Valley!!! I did this for Luke, Kenny, Peter and Max. I got $15 and the paypal lead gen person got $15, later $10. I still got $15.

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