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CS 183d Thoughts April 8, 2016 (Computer Science 183 D #CS183D)

by Larry Chiang on April 8, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Imagine being a student athlete where you must go to four years of lectures before you are allowed on the field to even PRACTICE. Imagine having to sit through 65 lectures without being able to sniff the playing field. Well, as a student athlete, that does not sit well with me (double entendre, intended because I sat a lot).
Problem: Too many lectures. Not enough doing.
Too many distraction that keep us from practicing “Doing Things That Don’t Scale”. {Someone link to PG’s blog post in the comments below}
Case, in point…
Sam Altman (@sama)
(who will teach cs183d?)

How many famous billionaires do we need to hear lecture on campus, before we start and Do Something?

Idea that I’m executing #cs183D

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
#cs183D = class that no one teaches. No one talks. You just secretly *DO*. #cs183B‘s sequel class to the prequel #CS183

#cs183B#CS183 and #cs183C were an avalanche of ideas. VCs hark on the fact that ideas are worthless. So, do we need a cs183D that is going to be more ideas and more guest lectures!?

CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
In the spirit of Cal-Do-Something.
I present: #CS183(Do)

#CS183 #CS183D #CalEweek

The “Do” that I recommend is do-things-that-don’t-scale

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
While you’re in #CS183B, I rec you execute the business-subroutine #CS183D cc @bmenell  ……

Menell and I are friends from SXSW

Fashion Week works in lieu of sxsw


Okay, we as CS majors need to practice doing-things-that-don’t-scale by promoting things that we did not code. As CS majors, we need to promote apps that we did not co-found. 
Promotion exercise grinds to a halt when strangers say “No” to an app we coded. Professor Blank cites on page 99, Four Steps to The Epiphany, that the super majority of tech founders first attempt at selling something is their own product. Steve Blank then concludes that this sales virgin may very well experience “Startup Death Spiral“. 
Solution: We practice selling housing, and practice arbitraging simple stuff
Solution: We practice DOING
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Launch tech product w #LarryChiang @Miami Fashion. Arbitrage-Airbnb 4 rooms #CS183D

SOLUTION: we promote HP at a Fashion Show or Film festival. 

Photo courtesy Getty at New York Fashion Week. Yup, it’s a new HP
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Launch tech product w #LarryChiang @Miami Fashion. Arbitrage-Airbnb 4 rooms, pay for flight
#CS183D (sequel #cs183B

Do and CS183D are based on my work inside ENGR145

In staying with the HP (Enterprise) example, “distributed computing” needs to be promoted. HP is spending a lot of money to woo developers to come to Las Vegas June 5-6 (Sands)
HPE Discover. #HPEDiscover needs CS majors familiar with #CS183D
CS183Do involves Crossing the Chasm From The Right by helping a product that you did not co-found gain Main Street adoption. 

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