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#cs183creditScore = “CS 183 Credit Score”

by Larry Chiang on July 8, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Have you read “Zero to One“. It’s a Peter Thiel tome. His first. 
In short, it’s a theory explained in a book that borders on a “protocol”. What I mean is that he wrote a book as a person with a 200++ IQ about the process of going Zero~~> ONE.
(Btw, I’m guessing his IQ to be 144. And his FICO to be “730”) Well, you can doubt and argue. But here are somethings that you cannot refute
-#cs183 was a class. 
– #cs183b was a sequel class
– CS 183b, lec 5 had this genius slide

Here is a sequel protocol
I “forked” the CS 183b subroutine. 
CS 183 S is #cs183s 

Another fork:

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Bc when you’re a CS major w an 800 FICO, w/mastery of #CS183… everything looks like code

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
FML. Stumbling upon (dbl entendre intended:) a cash cow that forces you to read aloud blog posts into your YouTube

After DJ ing 5 entrepreneurship books into one “Fifth Epiphany”: (aka Crossing the Chasm From the Right)

The old way was to die crossing the innovation chasm from the left. 

I’m using #cs183creditScore to simply do what Peter Thiel did as an undergrad at Stanford: “Go from non-existent, nil FICO score to 800.+”

You like how I’m bringing this super-rough blog post full circle!? 

#cs183creditScore is the protocol de la credit of 1,1,1,1…, {20 more 1’s (1s =on-time payments) so you go from zero credit score to 750+}
#cs183creditScore is 24 on time payments. 2 years. 2 credit cards. All on your solo social security number*

*Peter went to college at a time when 15k credit lines were prevalent. I use #cs183creditScore in today’s regulatory environment with a credit line of $300 at 530 Lytton Avenue’s BANK OF AMERICA. 

Now, you make use #cs183creditScore to make money
Another subroutine is #EUBM. It came from #ENGR145 when I taught it. 

What FICO is necessary for the Westin Hotel credit card!? #cs183creditScore

Sometimes, I sleep at a hotel W because the Westin in Scottsdale is wayyyyy far from the epicenter 

“Starwood” hotel is a group of hotels. Westin Hotel is part of that group. 
FTC Disclosure: I supermodel. I get paid money to model. 
Note: #cs183creditScore is open source. #LarryChiangSky is an American programming language that conjures up money where your money grubbing effort starts up your startup. 

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