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Do More. Learn More. Hide It

by Larry Chiang on December 30, 2013

By Larry Chiang 
We as 13 year old girls should learn to code. And then hide it. 
Being showered with attention is tough. It is like being on a stage all-the-time. We, as 13 year old girls, do not want that. 
For example
Fred Wilson (@fredwilson)

Goodness, imagine the onus of having a tier one venture capitalist anoint *us*. Its like having a target on our back. Delay the inevitability of our being recognized as awesome and read lecture 15 from #CS183. 

(That’s homework #1 of 3)
Text me a seven word reaction. 
Downplay what men say about us. For us. 

Paul Graham (@paulg)
Will write about female founders, but traveling all day so it will have to wait. Reserve judgment? Prob too much to hope for, alas.

Some older women are part of the problem…

Valleywag (@Valleywag)
The Information founder Jessica Lessin says Paul Graham was not misquoted. Update at the bottom
Larry Chiang: Homework #2 of 3
Realize that your use of apps, smartphones and picture editing is a form of coding
Text me a nine word reaction and tell your parents you texted me
Fred Wilson


Paul Graham (@paulg)

As a student athlete, I had to hide the student at times and the athlete at other times. 

Remember, when Trinity hacked the IRS database in MATRIX, Keanu Reeves didn’t know she was a girl. 
ENGR145’s something you can do as a 16 or 17 year old girl. This moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve 
(That’s homework #3 of 3)
Text me one of the hashtags that don’t make sense and I’ll google it for you so that it does make sense. 
Trust me. 
After you go to college, these hashtags still confuse, so you mine as well google it now
Or google it later. 
You pick
If I were you, I’d learn it
Then hide what you know
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