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Do What Reid Hoffman and Me Do. Don’t do what he said out of context one time.

by Larry Chiang on December 11, 2013

Editor: File this under StartupEry please

by Larry Chiang

Reid Hoffman believes doing a startup is jumping off a cliff and building a plane on the way down. LOL. HiLarryAss and out of context!

random undergrad and campus admin trolling my Facebook wall (i c u :), Do What Mr Reid did. Do what I did. DO what Reid Hoffman did and do a sequel business (Linked In was a sequel to Tribe. net). It spawned friendster, myspace, Zynga. Reid says doing a startup is like leaving a cliff’s ledge and building a plane on the way down. I think doing a startup is like parking the Mercedes S420 that u paid cash for in Park at a park and taking the girl who just blew you out for a nice dinner @kokarri to do your one-way DTR (define the rel) and then speaking about min wage subsidy so she doesn’t rape you so u can focus your sexual energy on building your startup with a sense of importancy. But not dire urgency.

Important versus urgent is what I read in my mentors book.

U use the money from your Mark McCormack lemonade stand biz so gravity (and the laws of money and treasure management) work for us. Plane-less cliff diving has gravity working against us.  Kym McNicholas and Sy Bohy know about Entrepreneur Jiu Jitsu. At the core, Entrepreneur Jiu Jitsu  leverages gravity and an attackers momentum

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