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Entrepreneurship on the The Farm for Us Athletes

by Larry Chiang on April 13, 2014

Larry Chiang’s book, What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School, has an entire chapter devoted to “Character Compassing”. As CEO of Duck9, he helps institutions make credit receivables less risky and plays the other side to by getting college consumers get a FICO over 750. Post Harvard Law School keynote, Harvard Business wrote: β€œWhat They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School

NY Fashion Week has supermodels getting a high FICO credit score because I supermodel on-the-side
April 13, 2014
By Larry Chiang
I was a Top 10 high school baseball prospect and am still decent. Not legendary. Just decent. Age.
My marginalized baseball skills contrast my *legendary* entrepreneur knowledge. I’m Stanford University’s first EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence). Its exemplified by over a dozen, zero day exploits. Those “exploits” are, were and still free to Stanford. I’ve had 28 positive inflection points while I was at the Farm.
My initial, initial role is Stanford University basketball booster and basketball season ticket holder. I might add a crap-ton of value. But I pay to donate. Lol, I do not seek to get a return on investment on the years and years of donation.
I see my donation as a price I must pay to sit in the douchiest seats possible at Maples. Like Einstein would appreciate, (sit in the douchiest seats possible, but no douchier πŸ˜‰
**** Student Athlete PROBLEM  **** 
If you’re an athlete at Stanford, you must use your study abroad alias name to abide by ncaa rules that keep you from working. For example, Andrew Luck would be “An(2) Dee(4) Luk(3).
If you’re a Division I athlete, you can’t teach swimming lessons as “Lisa Falzone”, Olympic swimmer. While I understand that NCAA rule, it screws us if we are starting a Point of Sale system, launching an app in the iPhone store, or mentoring credit knowledge to sorority girls (that’s me w Duck9 πŸ™‚
SOLUTION: Get a study abroad alias name. It  abides by ncaa rules. Andrew Luck as “An(2) Dee(4) Luk(3)” can’t give QB summer camp lessons, but can be An(2) Dee(4) Luk(3), founder of an ENGR 145 company


Stanford Engineering 145, Technology Entrepreneurship has a cool video to study in parallel as you, the athlete, audit it in summer school (pending Dean approval)  

Larry Chiang
– Highly Recruited by Stanford
– Went to Illinois to play for Augie Garrido as a walk-on
– Engineer w honors
– CEO of Duck9

– MIT University EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence)

That is my role, I guess. To tackle problems that people ignore. I’ll never ask the Athletic Director, Bernard Muir for support. I simply do not need to. Previous to this “hobby”, I took a crack at ‘financial loteracy’. I’m ceo of Duck9 = “Deep Underground Credit Knowledge” 9
125 University Avenue/ 100
Palo Alto CA 94301
My home base for Stanford Entrepreneurship is at the Stanford mall. It is because on Feb 26, 2013 I got a cease and desist. That letter has been my Facebook cover photo for 200+ days
It’s because I want you fellow student athletes to realize that I was massively discriminated against by my engineering school. They wanted me to curtail my athletic activities. They resented my athletic involvement and success. I met and exceeded every academic requirement. I graduated with the number one starting salary under duress. As an athlete at Stanford you’ve got to know what I’m talking about.
Good luck with your time here as a undergrad.
On fB, let’s be secret friends (we can just message each other. Plus, I hide my friends list)
650-566-9696 (direct)
650-283-8008 (cell)
415-720-8500 (cell #2 πŸ™‚
Think hanging out and mentoring undergrads is C-R-E-E-P-Y??

In this video, I am cutting a deal with a 9 year old

Founder of the BusinessWeek Channel “What They Don’t Teach at Business School”
Read my last 10 tweets at
Author, NY Times Bestseller

“What They Will NEVER Teach You at Stanford Business School” comes out 11-11-14

52 Cards. Two Jokers. What They DO Teach You at Stanford Engineering
Duck9 is part of UCMS Inc.
More on #ENGR145’s SHIFTING right on the entrepreneur bell curve 

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