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Gabby Yerbes’ Credit Score of 585

by Larry Chiang on October 13, 2015

By Larry Chiang
There are to get to credit score of “750.” That eBook I wrote is free because you tweeted at me @LarryChiang. It’s also free via a 100% rebate if you email me Larry @duck9 or Larry @LarryChiang. Both dot com. 
Dear Gabby–

Gabby Yerbes (@gabby4879)
I am interested in your method, I have a poor credit score of 585 and want to increase it, can you please help me? 🙁 @LarryChiang @duck9

Hi Gabby,

Just execute the “#RuleOf1111”
FICO 748.8 has a cool hashtag that all the kids are talking about #FICO748pt8
Would you like me to google that for you!?

Civil Rights (@civilrightsorg) tweeted at 10:25am – 13 Oct 15: 

Yes, credit scores in America are perpetuating racial injustice. Here’s how: (

Larry Chiang mentored supermodels about FICO credit score. Did you know a lot of models have a FICO around 585 because they are 15-18 years old and from Europe and Asia?!

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