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Got Customers?!

by Larry Chiang on April 9, 2016

By Larry Chiang
I’m a sales expert. Ever since engineering school, I have been a sales professional. So, here are some common sense observations that will help Stanford engineers:
– Selling in the early-adoption part that is to the left of #TheChasm is tough
– Selling is tough.
– Selling things that seem too innovative is a tough sale
– the Customer development cycle by Professor Steve Blank is very hard
– Startup Death Spiral happens a lot
Solution: Practice making the easiest of sales. 
New innovative solution that my mentor taught me via a book written in 1983:
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Customer development cycling to the right of the innovation chasm #ENGR145s

Yes, sell in the right area

Sell to pragmatists buying
#ENGR145s is about selling in the dotted line region. Thank you Professor Tom Kosnik Re 07/17/2012. 
#ENGR145s is about selling in this dotted line region as well. 

#ENGR145s has a jargon phrase, “Cross the Chasm From the Right”
#ENGR145 is a prequel to #ENGR145s
This dotted line region shows a hidden, basic truth. Microsoft was built on an Altair. Microsoft sold something that was a sequel. #ENGR145s‘ “s” is for sequel. The dotted line area is the Altair Basic. 
What Altair Basic is this the Microsoft of!?!

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