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Focus, You Must

by Larry Chiang on April 9, 2016

By Larry Chiang
Focus. On. This. Hashtagged. Box.
Customer development cycle. Four Steps to the Epiphany. 
The Innovation Chasm.
I might be the only person in Silicon Valley who DJ’s “Customer development cycle” (Steve Blank/Eric Ries) to Geoffrey Moore (Chasm / Escape Velocity) to Paul Graham. If they had a series of meetings and then simplified their genius, they’d spit: “#cs183s
Yes PG’s Lec 3; #cs183b. And his “What Altair Basic is this the Microsoft of”, essay. 
Phallic symbolism aside, you do place the penis shaped graph in the vagina of the Chasm
Let me repeat, Steve Blank, Geoffrey Moore and Paul Graham have content that meshes and dovetails

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Customer development cycle; a vertical to the right of the innovation chasm #ENGR145s


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