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Guru Gyaan Entrepreneurship

by Larry Chiang on July 30, 2014

By Larry Chiang

I was called a guru gyaan! 

I googled it and it translates to “Guru’s advice”. While I’m honored, it’s not me who is the guru.

It’s you.

Ok, maybe not you yet. But if you listen to my mentor, Mark McCormack, you will be. Mark McCormack is a starting up a startup guru. His method involves realizing all startups are sequels to other things.

“Nothing starts in a vacuum”
– me citing a mentor 

“Nature abhors a vacuum”
– my engineering prof

In the same way that my yoga guru, Giselle Mari, mentors: 

“Entrepreneurship is a practice, not a perfection”
– Giselle Mari, my Jivamukti teacher

Let us practice in an arena far from the Bay Area in a world that won’t hold failure against you: Athletics.

Specifically, baseball.

More specifically d-i-s-t-r-i-b-u-t-i-o-n.
Even more specific: sales distribution.
Tactically: selling.


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Can I get the Derek Jeter Nike baseball cleats. #Jumpman (@ Niketown –


Nike San Francisco (@NikeSF)
@LarryChiang We do not have baseball cleats. Is there anything else we can help you with today?

PROBLEM DEFINED: Derek Jeter can’t sell his shoes. Derek Jeter can’t get distribution. Derek Jeter got Michael Jordan to advocate him in a video.


You as future guru gyaan will sell more baseball cleats than Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter

Download the official Twitter app here and tweet “guru gyaan”

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)

Steps inside the small steps.

/1/ sell the shoes before you have to buy them from baseball express
/2/ practice SEO-ing
/3/ get a wordpress blog (5min sign up)
/4/ get a PayPal account you use to invoice
/5/ once you get paid PayPal, use baseball express to do your fulfillment. 
/2a/ learn how to #mvbp (minimum viable blog post)
/2b/ learn EUTWMPPM {subroutine #EUTWMPPM}
In short, it’s where you engineer up a tidal wave of momentum by
– having WordPress 
– blog a post that links to…
– Plancast account 
– Pinterest a handwritten page
– order $110 in food (if you’re in India, USD $10 will do)
– embed two YouTubes
– host on Eventbrite with your own Eventbrite account a super small party with 3-10 people attending.
– social media link with twitter /fB
– blog again another MVBP  {subroutine #MVBP} with two tweets embedded
– do a real world afterparty {subroutine “Minimum Viable Party” as per Xconomy article}
– allocate $50-70 for movie tix giveaway*

guru gyaan up you bitchezz

Listen. If you wanna sleep with a girl, you gotta get to a quorum. If you wanna sell anything, get to a partial-quorum. My mentor’s genius lies with his ability to do “triangulation influence”
Omg, I’m going to say this and fear sound like a yogi, but “there is momentum all around us. We just need to channel existing energy”
Lets go back.
Stop scanning. Lets go back to the specific steps in selling those special baseball shoes called “cleats”. Execute these to build your entrepreneur muscles. Exercise your execution. 
Practice en route to being a guru.
What’s your name? Tell me in the comments below
Let us AGAIN practice in an arena far from the Bay Area in a world that won’t hold failure against you: Yoga Journal conference, SF. JANUARY 15-18, 2015 you can promote whatever you want if you buy a few yoga classes at Yoga Journal conference.


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