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Here’s The One Question To Ask To Help Avoid Curbstoners (Semi pro, car sales people)

by Larry Chiang on December 15, 2015

Larry Chiang encourages CS majors to risk mitigate, risk minimize and risk eliminate (RMRMRE). He sees MBA program at GSB-HBS to be void of risk and all upside because of the ‘2+2’ program. At Duck9, he uses #CSmajorCRO  protocols such as RMRMRE. For example, months-and-months of pre launch promotions paid off on September 09, 2009. What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School is sequel to, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School“. Sequels are less risky and Stanford Engineering liked it enough to bring him in to be Entrepreneur In Residence at #ENGR145.
This is how to avoid risk when purchasing a used car.

New York Fashion Week will be Sept 9-19, 2016.
— Larry Chiang
CEO, Duck9

By Larry Chiang

Curbstoners don’t sell good cars.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Curb stoners arbitrage crap cars. #cs183usedCar #cs183a

So, the one question to ask a person who’s selling a car, private party is really just a statement: “I’m calling about the car you have advertised.

Curbstoners will retort, “Which one?”

Just hang up if it’s a person selling more than one car.
Do yourself a favor and just hangup on the curb-stoner who is selling you more than one car.


The smallest exception to this rule is if a private party is liquidating two cars because they’re moving to Europe.

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