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Top 17 Tips in “How to Buy a Used Car”

by Larry Chiang on December 15, 2015

Larry Chiang motivates CS majors to glean MBA knowledge before accepting the “2+2” MBA. It is where you work 2 years and then choose 2 years at HBS or GSB. Months-and-months of pre launch promotions paid off on 09-09-09. What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School hit as a sequel to, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School“. Stanford Engineering liked it so much, he was brought in as EIR at #ENGR145.

New York Fashion Week will be Sept 9-19, 2016.
— Larry Chiang
CEO, Duck9

By Larry Chiang
The gateway to horrible credit score, credit starts with making a BAD decision on a MAJOR purchase.

Its your car loan stupid. Don’t make first time buyer, first time virgin mistakes. Do not screw up your car loan.

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
90+% of the success in buying a used car is avoiding dealers, pseudo dealers aka curb stoners #cs183creditScore #FICO748pt8 #cs183usedCar

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Here are the questions to ask… {Google their number to see if it’s advocated to multiple listings}
•  why are you selling your car? {Goal is a solo owner, one owner car just looking to liquidate the car because the relative they were going to give it to had a better free offer}

•  how did you drive it? {ideally, highway miles to and from work where work is 20-30 miles away} Nightmare = 1.5 mile trips. 

•  how long have you owned it? 

[goal: you’re looking for one owner. One owner who bought it new and already has its replacement. The car that they’re selling is in the driveway as a daily reminder to sell.]

•  if you got a $1000 that you HAD to spend on your car, where would you spend it? 

•  do you have maintenance records? [the CarFax will only show so much]

•  is it paid off? {People that still owe equate what they owe with what the car is worth. Plot spoiler: they owe one to four thousand dollars more than it’s worth. 

•  are you ok with sharing the cost of a carfax report? 

Your best car deal is from a good owner. You’re buying the owner first and the car second



Palo Alto Tesla at Stanford Mall

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