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How Dumb Are Credit Executives Like Larry Chiang

by Larry Chiang on November 3, 2014

By Larry Chiang 
After making $55 per lead, your brain gets stale. The money makes us credit executives dumb. Outside of the 2009 credit card CARD Act, my brains been off. 
I mean sure I am the primary innovator for “Off credit report data scoring” and a thought leader in ‘thin credit file analysis’… Yup, it led to China’s current DRA (Debit Reporting Analysis). But that was all one decade ago!
I’ll share a li’l secret…

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
U a CS major #ENGR145?! I’ve got 3 Capital One execs that would pay if you could determine if the cell’s a Google voice #TcDisrupt
By ‘secret’, I mean secret in a Peter Thiel-ian sense of secret where the knowledge is known by few.

As curator of the #LarryChiang and “@LarryChiang” account… I saw this “secret”. 

Dave Hodson (@davehod)
@LarryChiang just gotta figure out what blocks GOOG has, not that hard

Do you know how dumb credit executives are!?

The majority of fraud is coming from burner phones, pre-paid cellphones and “Google Voice” numbers. 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Right @davehod ?!
Wanna place a guess as to what pctng of fraud uses a Google Voice number #TCDisrupt

Let me repeat what is common knowledge amongst people with a IQ over 87 and a pulse:

Dave Hodson (@davehod)
@LarryChiang just gotta figure out what blocks GOOG has, not that hard

ENGR145’s 2 videos contain 14 hashtags you should execute like a subroutine 
I volunteer myself as “non employee co-founder” of your new mini-company concept. A non employee co-founder is like a supermodel who takes a selfie with you and your hawt girlfriend. And then I crop myself out 
Selfie no-self has no Trademark. 
That is my mouth.

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