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What is #NonEmployeeCoF?

by Larry Chiang on November 4, 2014

By Larry Chiang 

Non Employee Co-Founder!!!

My VC friends are sooooooo busy. They are kinda popular. And too busy to explain to you a kinda complex topic that the startup community murmurs. For example, Peter Thiel, VC and non employee co-founder of Palantir. For example Luke Nosek. Luke is non employee co-founder of PowerSet. For example Ken Howery. He’s non employee co-founder of the franchised, open-source hit: #ReverseVC. Plus, Pangaea. For example Auren Hoffman, ex Founders Fund partner who non employee co-founded two entities that were listed on his Wikipedia*

Note: It was via Mr Hoffman’s blog, “Summation” that I put a conscious competence to my knowledge of  “#nonEmployeeCoF” 

As a male, heterosexual, supermodel that lectured at Harvard law to promo a book to make fun of Stanford business….

Photo credit: Larry Chiang. This is “Selfie, no-self”

[{ “#nonEmployeeCoF” }] parallels my  “Selfie, no-self”. So here is how non employee co-foundership works.

1/ you mind meld with the smarter VC (in this case me) but feel free to social climb 🙂
2/ you then prove that you’re decently intelligent
3/ you document how you #dttdsBHM as a CS major via five “pop up internships” They’re 7 hour internships you can find via #PopUpInternship
4/ you document this work in a wordpress blog. ( It’s step #15!)
[{ “#nonEmployeeCoF” }] parallels my @WordPress articles on “Selfie, no-self”. 

It’s my #cs183X ~> 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
NEWS: new photo to the album ‘Selfie, no-Self E-F-F-O-R-T’ #CS183X…

It’s my #cs183do ~> #cs183X

CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
#cs183X is all about selfie, no-self +649 other #hiLarryAss concepts like #BCSeutwm, #GuaGuaGuacamole #wtwntyasbs


I’m good looking, smart, connected motivated and bored. I’m also risking a lot putting myself out there
Non employee Co-founder is real so I’d SWALLOW it (it levers #Ch4, #Ch5 that parlays into #Ch2)
This is when you do “Jay Z’s tip #4” and get a notebook. I was invited to teach for two years as stayed 3.5. Take notes on THIS
and this
Want another Non-employee co-founder?! How about Max Levchin. He’s non employee co-founder of LinkedIn 
Note: Im friends with all these guys but the knowledge was told to me via YouTube. Public YouTube.
Reid Hoffman said that about Max. It was in a y-Combinator “#startupSchool” video from 2010 (I think!). Comment below if I am correct. I know I’m correct about Max Levchin being the non-employee co-founder to LinkedIn. I just don’t know the year Reid said that PayPal story.
FTC disclosure: I may make a million or ten even if you never pay me, enter into contract or otherwise quid pro quo. It’s part of my “ass model”. It’s a business model for ass. Not ass model like doing butt work on a film as a “butt double”

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