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How to Close a Deal Using Facebook’s NEW “Graph Search”

by Larry Chiang on January 15, 2013

By Larry Chiang

Facebook “Graph Search” is an incredible tool for entrepreneurs in ENGR 145. You can use it to close deals even if you did not take Stanford Engineering class on Technology Entrepreneurship.

If you do not know how Graph Search works, read my #CNET research source

-1- More data in. More leads out.

My Duck9 co-founder, Matt Smith, mentored me by saying, “It’s not just quality of content it’s also quantity of content”. Smith said that when we were talking to three Lincoln Park trixies at some six corner bar in Chicago.

He started Complaints dot com and did not have messy VC interactions the way that ePinions did. He self funded. Epinions got recapped. I digress, yes, but you should self-fund yourself (Graph Plus can help YOU SELF FUND YOURSELVES!!) See how many pages of has been crawled and cached on The Google. Massive cache and crawls.

##### FTC DISCLOSURE #### Danny Sullivan is my search mentor. He blogs genius shitake.

I read and financially benefit from reading his writings on the World Wide Web. ### END FTC DISCLOSURE ###

Well, The Facebook now rewards you for data that you slapped in and uploaded via HTML9 via you Steve Jobs iPhone9.

-2- Conversion by Association

Try searching for “Larry Chiang entrepreneur party SXSW” using graph search. You get gobs on entrepreneurs who are engineers.

Association is by nature guilt. In this case, you’re not guilty of a criminal act but likely to convert on and in to what you associate with.

-3- Parties Have Lasting Momentum

In the old days the launch party was done after the last drinks of open bar was consumed. By old days I mean 1999 when I was like 15.

Now, with Graph Search, your launch party can live on and convert the uninitiated. Your pictures, check-ins, newsfeeds, notes, pokes?, and photos can now convert those that search. But never attended. What I mean to show you is that parties work and live forever inside of Facebook graph search.

I said photos twice because a properly tagged photo with links is deadly awesome and helps you, the entrepreneur, with lead generation.


Gawd, I love leadGen.

-4- LeadGen at Spring Break

I’m using Graph Search to leadGen sorority girls at Spring Break 2013 BEFORE one drop of suntan lotion gets massaged on and rubbed in.

Let’s call it a “Stanford Business Live-Action Case Execution and Pattern Replication”. It is a sequel to Stanford Engineering Live Action Business Case Studies which I wrote about here on AlwaysOn HERE

-5- LeadGen Using Graph Search for CS Major Pre-Founders

I see you VCs trolling my Facebook pictures at the Stanford Rose Bowl party week where I hosted four entrepreneur events. Well, now my method of lead generation works even better and harder and more because the Facebook friend information is neatly organized and searchable.

Get used to Facebook Graph Search.

It’s time you used Facebook to document the entrepreneur parties you go to, host and crash and produce.


ENGR145’s Anchor Concept: Lemonade and Gua Gua Guacamole

It moves you to the right on the entrepreneur bell curve

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