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How to Do What Larry Chiang Does as MIT EIR Without Having to Hire Larry Chiang or Partner with MIT

by Larry Chiang on April 19, 2012

by Larry Chiang

Colleges now have Entrepreneurs in Residence too.

I wanted to call this article “How to Do What Eric Ries Does as HBS EIR Without Having to Hire Eric Ries” but I didn’t want to be that creepily big of a fan of Eric Ries. EIRs are the new en vogue trend on campus. Here are specific methods to implement what I first did at Stanford and now am doing at MIT.

-1- Facilitate moving from theory to practice

EIR is misleading because the ‘R’ should be ‘A’ for action. In this jargon laden community we live in, EIA is another term that actually works.

Practical applications of entrepreneur flavored ‘dabblings’ move education from theory to execution. The anchor concept is also an education series: “Entrepreneurship Education for Engineers Who Don’t Want to be Founders”. The talk is funny and meant to cause engineers to be curious and play entrepreneurship.

Reduced friction for baby entrepreneur steps is key. To parallel more thermodynamics…

-2- Bump-Draft the EIR

EIRs should be leading from the front lines.

Bump drafting is a pattern I have observed in race car racing. When undergrads are following the EIR, the headwind is reduced. I am no where close to being an expert as my main experience is having watched two race car movies:


Talledaga Nights.

Both movies have a treasure trove of mentorship which leads to my next point

-3- EIRs facilitate mentorship.

In Cars, Lightning McQueen doesn’t become a superstar until he meets his mentor: Doc Hudson. Lightning McQueen is a talented young buck but needs a mentor to pave the way.

Doc Hudson is an ideal mentor. Paul Newmans voice brings alive the angst of having made mistakes that the padawan, Lighting McQueen, can learn from.

In the Talladega Nights business case study, Cal Naughton Jr is the co-Hort mentor to Ricky Bobby. There is also a default mentor to Ricky Bobby: Reese Bobby. EIRs are co-hort mentors.

Slingshot engage is the maneuver where Cal Naighton (aka Mike Honcho) let’s Ricky Bobby draft behind him and then slingshots the ‘Wonder Bread’ car forward.

EIRs can teach a class but are not traditional alpha education figures

-4- Lemonade stand businesses

Startup weekends have people launch a business by the end of a weekend

I pattern recognize this to be a lemonade stand concept business. You see at MIT and Stanford, many freshman spent most of their effort getting into Stanford and MIT. They didn’t work a job or part time job. Getting in is a full-time job and then some.

My role as EIR is to facilitate a summer lemonade stand business

-5- Gua Gua Guacamole recipe

Entrpeneurship is better when you pattern recognize

Pattern iterate Pattern replicate

Gua Gua Guacamole recipes are street smart signature moves that can be replicated

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