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How to Get Press for Your Fledgling Startup

by Larry Chiang on November 14, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Press is a form of distribution. 
Here are some techniques as to how to get press
-1- Set aside your need for press. 
Focus on mentoring the journalist and showing
– how stuff work
– what to pay attention to
– how things might turn out. 
-2- Mint loved info graphics and turned it into a cottage industry. 
An info graphic is like a dashboard metric
An info graphic is a visual method of storytelling. 
-3- DJ-ing the energy of an existing 
Take the parade that you see. And augment that energy for your startup. 
For example, the Million Student March. It was students marching against student loans and exorbitant tuition. Reach out to press on a tangential topic. 
-4- In order to get press, be press. 
WordPress blog what you think an Inc article or fortune cover should be. Use pictures and captions.  For example…

Martin Jones (@martinjonesaz)
Yelp’s PR Head: How to Get Press When You’re Small and Scrappy
#smallbusiness #marketing
Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
A bunch of press videosā€¦


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