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How to Navigate #SXSW Like a Downhill Skier and Get Seeded (Self fund) Funded

by Larry Chiang on February 17, 2014

By Larry Chiang

SXSW is like a Blackcomb ski run I’ve skied since I was a baby Canadian. You may hate the pop-up SXSW moguls that come in the form of local city party regulations or sxsw TOS (terms of service) changes, but my opinion runs counter to Jolie O’Dells opinion: SXSW = terrible.  Her first two points (as per Dylan Tweeney’s email summary to me) said: Dont Go.
SXSW Interactive is super easy, changes year-to-year, and seems super long if you’re used to the rinky-dink runs in Silicon Valley’s MAXIMUM TWO DAY TECH CONFERENCE (and Lake Tahoe!). Traffic to Whistler is easier and shorter than the 7 hour ordeal of Palo Alto ~~> Truckee, but lets focus on my expertise of SXSW. Here is “How to Navigate #SXSW Like a Downhill Skier and get a 10x ROI.
/1/ Set the goal: Get Seeded at SXSW (Self fund) Seed-Funded

The general public is out there judging and arm chair quarterbacking SXSW. Your average person says its too expensive. I think SXSW should actually provide you with seed capital.

SXSW should actually pay you to attend it. I don’t go to Las Vegas with a budget, I go with a method to stack the cards in my favor. Asian people from Naperville Illinois do Vegas differently (link Tony Hsieh). 

/2/ Money In.

Pre, money-in: I will give you half a demo table. One day before SXSW. Execute the Justin Wilcox pattern in my “Launch at SXSW for $880” GigaOm post. Text me for your demo table. In short, take your half-demo table and begin to hustle by…

/3/ Hustle Up Money In.

Point number two / article #17 of 220 SXSW posts / paragraph 2
(Link to my $880 sxsw post
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On Feb 16, 2014, at 11:40 AM, Dylan VB Tweney <> wrote:

How to Navigate #SXSW Like a Downhill Skier and get a 10x ROI.

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