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How to RSVP in an Entrepreneurial Way

by Larry Chiang on February 27, 2013

By Larry Chiang

My column is about what excites me. RSVP-ing excites me because what is at stake is getting invited to more PARTIES.

THE PROBLEM: I see many entrepreneurs doing it wrong. I see most MBAs doing it wrong. I see pre-entrepreneurs doing it wrong too and it is painful to watch people shoot themselves in the face.

Here is how to RSVP entrepreneurially…

-1- Non Congruence

Pre-mature di-worse-ifcation is a pattern I see in RSVPs. Your email should promote your URL. Your paypal should promote your new fledgling startup. Your twitter and fb should promote your startup.

You build equity when you collect your mental bandwidth and push it towards one goal. You get paid to promote one thing. Losing congruence makes your host lose attention. RSVP with congruence and have your email dovetail your website, dovetail your business card, dovetail your RSVP.

-2- Show some enthusiasm.

MBAs, VCs and celebs are held in high esteem as guests. It is cliche for them to be unenthused.

An example of being dis enthusiastic is to RSVP yes and then not show up. Remember, social climbers are always looking for the bigger better deal. The new way to social climb is to not social climb. Here is how

-3- Dance with Who Brought You

My ex had this as a problem. I’d maybe get danced with by my date once.

One and done.

You should be loyal. You should not be like my ex. When you RSVP, you can dance with who brought you by

a) tell em you’re coming b) tell them you’re close c) to them thx for hosting

Hosts worry about people showing up.

-4- Ultimate Hack

I read.

If the host wrote it. I read it.

If there is something that they request I do it. Usually, it is the simplest weird thing ever. It takes host committees hours and hours to draft event copy. Every line is poured over like a sports agent red-lines a first draft contract for a lottery pick.

Read what took a hundred personnel hours in a few moments. Add value while you RSVP.

End article. AlwaysOn

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