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by Larry Chiang on August 1, 2014

Larry Chiang recites, reiterates and regurgitated his mentor, Mark McCormack’s, teachings. Because he is his best mentee, he got to keynote Harvard University. In the post event coverage, Harbus wrote: “What They Don’t Teach You at Stanford Business School“. Now, he writes at Harbus and teaches entrepreneurship via the new concept called, “Internapreneurship”. Learn to be a Jedi in Business Administration!


Larry ChiangOAK BROOK, IL

by Larry Chiang

An intern is a person who used to do crap jobs for nearly no wages.

Well now and internship is paid and awesome. Plus, an internapreneur is a a half-step away from being paid to get trained as a legendary entrepreneur. I saw 2,000 at interns at Internapaloza. Most were engineers and they all get paid. The fact that you go from paid intern to great founder, is a great innovation. That transition happens inside of three summers!

Well here is what is next:

Internapreneurship. I just made up that word. Breaking down the intern-Entrepreneur will be these four parts m below:

part ONE.

You are an intern and are entrepreneurial about it in your method.

Remember, you got your cool internship kinda sketch. You did not do anything immoral. But, you hustled. You were street smart about getting into Eventbrite, Yelp, fB.

part TWO.

As an intern, you listened to the lessons taught at Internapoloza’s list of legendary speakers. And executed. You executed being innovative at the expense of risking stepping on toes of people who were doing it wrong.

Part three.

You did a sequel concept.


Part 4, you have not done yet. Part four is where you practice making money on eBay selling Braun shaver power cords.
– you practice making money promoting a small event on Eventbrite.
– you practice making money selling santa costumes at Santa Con (plus it is an excuse to fly back to SF during Christmas)
– you practice self funding by preparing your FICO score. Then sell my signature system that isn’t patented, “Beat the FICO
– It is under “larry chiang 100% affiliate program” so you keep 100% of the revenue

Start google-ing stuff

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