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Jobapreneur yourself into a summer 2020 #SiliconValley internship‬

by Larry Chiang on April 21, 2020

by Larry Chiang

Internships separate you from the rest of your engineering classmates.

This post is about being entrepreneurial in your internships job search. Top 7 list:

-1- The best internships are the ones that are not advertised.

Classes get posted. The popular classes have an application or waitlist to attend. An internship does not have advertisements to apply. Self starting is required because the boss is wayyyyy too busy to write up a specifications listing.

You’re going to have to write the specs out for your summer job

/2/ Write out the specifications for your “spec position”

Take a giant whack and try to guess what they need an intern for. Extrapolate from public available letters, tweets, blog posts and industry webinars and company slides what they might need in a junior intern

Get the fossil that is hiring you to help you outline your summer 2020 internship

[3] Cold eMail a Fossil

Hi Jeff at Amazon dot com,

I got your email from Larry Chiang who ice cc’d. I’m in engineering school right now. Do you have a person who’s working on {something technical} Amazon prime delivery fraud algorithms as it pertains to UPS do-not-deliver addresses

My side interest is in ‘scraping third party data analytics as it’s applied to mitigating fraud’. I’ve one project I did this for.

Who there works on this?

{4} Intelligently Stan and Re-Stab at this concept. Make it specific

Like an airplane off course, you’re going to need to ask for a course correction. Unlike a grade in class, executives will be too polite to be harsh by being honest. You must pull the feedback out of them. You can’t cry if they’re criticizing. You want harsh feedback.

EFFEN take paper notes.

Most executives would hire anyone under 21 who could put pen to paper and then read their notes aloud into a voicemail message. And be open to being coached hard.

-5- Being Street Smart About Details for your Pre-Internship Conversations.

Make your internship specific and then, rehone. Hone again

After a talking conversation, summarize the notes from the exact time you spoke. Even if the emailed notes are not replied to, that’s okay. Even if the notes favor you, that’s okay. That’s the power of the pen.

-6- Succeeding in the Age of C-19

The company that you want an internship at can’t hire as well. Use this to your advantage. D

Do the things that other sophomores in engineering won’t do. Do tasks that other freshman in computer science will not do. For example..

-7- Succeeding in the Getting an Internship By Setting Up a Twitter Account Solely for Landing A Legendary Internship

The majority of engineering undergrads prefer to fail in private. This means using LinkedIn to go no where. This means setting up a twitter that is not their real name

Your twitter account navigates you right into an internship by aligning your mind with the executive’s mind. Set an intention with your Twitter account and I will be your first follower

-8- Networking on Twitter for an Internship

Establish a “Less Than Minimum Viable Twitter Account”

– real picture

– google Less Than Minimum Viable Twitter Account in quotes. I laid out a formula for the first 20 tweets.

I’ll be your first follower

Larry Chiang is your first follower!

-9- Read and take notes via twitter

Ideally, the person wrote a book. Ideally, the place you want an internship at has a ceo that has appeared in media

Read all about them.

-10- you make up the Internship for yourself. And add a price that is 1/4 of the financial value you bring

So let’s use the previous example of scraping third party data analytics as it’s applied to mitigating fraud, as it pertains to credit score underwriting for douchebag private equity firms, then ask

“Let’s say I help you save $200,000,000. Will you pay me $50 mill?

Say the whole sentence back to me…

That’s a verbal deal. Don’t fuck me.”

-11- congrats, you’re a jobapreneur hunting for an internship in the time of Corona

#LABCS3373 Jobapreneur yourself into a summer 2020 #SiliconValley internship

/a thread /

Your first 5 tweets will be to copy paste portions of the above article

-12- Be a high agency intern

High agency means a person who executes in parallel so that tasks get accomplished.

8/ @rabois identifies high agency in employees through a mental model called “Barrels vs Ammunition”.

He wanted to get smoothies for his developers who were working late at LinkedIn. Only one high agency intern managed to get the right smoothies delivered at the right time.

Tweet 8 by George Mack in a @george_mack tweetstorm

High agency is being highly effective.

High agency interns.

Tweet 2 by George Mack in a @george_mack tweetstorm


“When you’re told that something is impossible, is that the end of the conversation, or does that start a second dialogue in your mind, how to get around whoever it is that’s just told you that you can’t do something?”

– @EricRWeinstein

High agency discussed between Eric Weinstein and Tim Ferriss

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