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Knowledge Activation and Execution Subj “31c3”, Chaos Communications Conference

by Larry Chiang on December 31, 2014

By Larry Chiang
I curate the seeming chaotic nature of credit, capital and entrepreneurship states of innovation. This is our blog. I’m the leader of D-u-c-k-9. (You may know me from TV on CNN, the book I wrote, or the video game I star in 🙂
Here are awesome tweets that I knowledge activate by taking the 140 characters of knowledge and activating it. 
Err them. 

Anne Roth (@annalist)
Librarians have understood a long time ago how important it is to keep books public but protect the fact who’s reading them #31c3 #hall2

Tactical Tech (@Info_Activism)
Privacy by design to everyone on the planet with no exceptions whatsoever – @ioerror talking on the State of the Onion #31C3

Even the spam in the 31c3 was good Re 44Con

Astarioth (@Astarioth)
I want YOU to check out @44CON . #31c3

Anne Roth (@annalist)
Die Website zum Talk von Seth Schoen in #Saal2 : Let’s Encrypt – How it works @letsencrypt #31c3

Galou Gentil (@GalouGentil)
Deploying HTTPS will soon be easy as pie:
$ sudo apt-get install lets-encrypt
$ lets-encrypt
letsencrypt(.)org #31c3

Parker Higgins (@xor)
“I find that question absolutely fascinating and I don’t know the answer.” Seth Schoen is the best at Q & A. #31c3

Knowledge activation relies on interaction 

Daniel Bilar (@daniel_bilar)
@xor What was the question?

Parker Higgins (@xor)
@daniel_bilar whether @letsencrypt should support onion urls

Knowledge activation relies on weaving

how (@hellekin)
What are secondary hashtags that rocked #31c3? I love #guerillaknitting!

Knowledge activation doesn’t require an IQ 288 brain but goodness IT HELPS!!

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Like “quilting” p173 @tinaSeelig’s book #Ingenius RT @hellekin: What are secondary hashtags that rocked #31c3? I love #guerillaknitting!

how (@hellekin)
@LarryChiang I assume you mean @tseelig‘s book InGenious. Thanks for the pointer!

Knowledge activation relies on interaction but only interact with those that are thankful and tweet their expertise with “beginners mind”

CEO of Duck9, Larry (@6502838008)
Hi @hellekin don’t hold me to that page number. I’m kinda at a party right @sam Mateo Marriott #StanfordVsMaryland #31c3 #guerillaknitting

The tweet (12/30/14, 8:59 AM) executes “Guerilla Knitting” 

It’s where concepts and ideas are quilted*, DJ’d, and woven together 
For example, this tweet 12/30/14, 8:59 AM has Guerilla knitted and gorilla knitted 31c3 w these athletes who are smart student athletes

how (@hellekin)
#31c3 @6502838008 @sam WTF is that @LarryChiang? Who are you? Your site is trying to retrieve information using #HTML5Canvas. #SockPuppet

Who I am!!? I held the camera to
I am as real as Buster Posey, Hunter Pence and this 9 year old who will understand 31c3. Here he is. His name is “Chris”
I met his parents at an NLCS game when his older brother had to study. Missed the game Buster caught (literally, figuratively, pun intended)
Knowledge activation is at the heart of my brand’s motto. Taken at Toronto International Film Festival

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