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Best Tweets @31c3 from Rene Gröschke, Rosalie Tolentino, Karen Melchior

by Larry Chiang on December 31, 2014

By Larry Chiang
Chaos Communication conference (31c3) was held this past week. I took notes and curated applicable credit communications.  

Rosalie Tolentino (@rosatolen)
“Harvey Milk asked gay people to come out to show their humanity. Come out about your usage of Tor.” #31c3 (State of Tor)

your cybrarian! (@your_cybrarian)
State of the Onion talk @ #31c3 #tor Skip to 15:15.. Thank you @ioerror @RogerDingledine and @laurapoitras!!! <3
torproject (@torproject)
Karen Melchior (@karmel80)
Using lesson of Harvey Milk. Tell your friends/family about using Tor. So not just scary strangers using Tor #31c3
A.T.O.M (@atomsoffice)
richietynan: RT CasparBowden: my slides #31C3 “The Cloud Conspiracy”… & video (from 00:1…
juh (@__juh__)
“Wash your hands!” the new advice at #31c3 I once attended a meeting where a gastric flu roamed. Hope you have it better than me.
Andrew Blake (@apblake)
#PayPal14: The US is using PayPal to silence WikiLeaks; PayPal is using the US government to extract restitution from activists #31c3

catmilk (@sivane)
getting physically sick from the information in #hall1 #31c3

Robert (@techno15)
Good point! RT @Hannib0t: My favorite #31c3 advisory

Rene Gröschke (@breskeby)
my favorite place at the #31c3 is this Shared flat:


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