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Credit Expert, Larry Chiang’s, Insight on Getting a Credit Score “FICO 850”

by Larry Chiang on October 23, 2015

Larry Chiang ‘edited’ the “2+2 MBA”. It’s the early admit, MBA program at GSB-HBS. He encourages CS majors to cram MBA knowledge into their brain before “2+1”. ‘1’ because you wanna be like CS major, Jeremy Stoppelman, and redacted after year 1 at HBS. The #CSmajorCRO skills. For example, months-and-months of pre launch promotions paid off on 09-09-09. What They Don’t Teach You At Stanford Business School hit as a sequel to, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School“. Stanford Engineering liked it enough to bring the street smart concept into the fold at #ENGR145. Startup your FICO score by ‘editing your credit report’.

#NYFW New York Fashion Week will be Sept 9-19, 2016.

By Larry Chiang

FICO 850.

Go from 17 year old with no credit score and clueless to FICO of 850

FICO 850 is two Amex cards, two basic credit cards, 2 car payments, 1 mortgage, 1 second mortgage where you owe zero

Email address: The email address you have matters to your credit score.

Amazon mailing address: This matters to coordinate zip code volatility.


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