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Live Action Engineering Business Case Study #3373

by Larry Chiang on November 20, 2013

by Larry Chiang

How to Jobapreneur Up Any Job Including Working as a Supermodel. This is a live action business case study.

Stanford Engineering School Relationship Disclosure for the FTC: I first came up with this at Tom Kosnik’s class. Any and all profits from live action business studying biz case 3373, I allocate him to get, him to receive and him to collect. I did and do financially benefit in the past and future and present for having taught as a Stanford Entrepreneur in Residence (herein referred to as “EIR”).

The following material you may use under creative commons. I, Larry Chiang, hold no copyright to my signature business recipes, insights and understandings of the “Live Action Business Case Study” method. Like a hashtag by Chris Messina, this shitake is open-source bitchezz. Harvard b-school studies the past.

What I learned from Tom Kosnik is to study the past, LISTEN in the present and mold the future. Thus! I am honored to bring u…

***  “jobapreneur” ***

Many of u, know me. What most know too, is that I am the super model. But during this economy, it’s tough out there to get 5 digit bookings for 24hrs of work (with travel times).

So as a jobapreneur, i will activate knowledge my mentor mentored me on. The knowledge centers around jobapreneurially getting boooked on a gig for www dot facebook dot com/braun for SXSW.

u see, I may be the hottest man bro-model ever BUT THAT DON’T MEAN SHITAKE if it doesn’t help sell shavers. For example, see the otter white males almost 80% as hot as me

Do they sell.

OCC disclosure: 80% is the maximum hotness any other man can be as a percentage of LARRY CHIANG hotness. I seriously have an Office of Comptroller of the Currency agent tell me they’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as me so lets set the bar for others at 80 percent.

My jobapreneur solution: sell 15 shavers per facebook fan using the LCRRM model one of my ENGR145 alum kids help u execute.

Problem: existing customers feel like they love their Braun but feel like they are experiencing “gotcha capitalism” when they buy parts (replacement foil, replacement alcohol, replacement power cord). For example, power cords are expensive as $119.00! Google ‘Braun power cords’ 🙁

Solution: I would model for replacement parts. <my face> Braun Power cord part 7030458 right next to it

Build loyalty of fB fans by getting them the parts they need and “buying their loyalty” with profit margin.
1) Ok, the math: power cord new costs $4.00 at some factory in China (yeah, I kept the box and remember reading what came from where).
2) sell the part to the schmuch for 44.95
3) remember, the whole shaver itself cost just 90 bucks! they’re agreeing to get raped on the power cord gouge-me price because they love luv their Shaver.
4) LCRRM them back

Some steps are left off and the ENGR145 alum kids will help you execute the rest of this Live Action Business Case study. This present look is a present.

Remember cash for my modeling or my intellectual prop goes to ENGR145 kids.
Remember cash for my guest lecturing your university or tech conference goes to you landing Prof. Tom Kosnik to speak

I am cash flush and at this time very disinterested in taking your cash for anything other than a Braun shaver charger power cord.

Note: if youre an ENGR145 kid reading this as you live-action execute. REMEMBER TO NOT SCREW MY MODELING AGENT

EVEN THOUGH YOU BOOKED IT (braun), YOU STILL GOTTA pay the agent fees. Dont screw over my agent.
Never never never proactively screw over a lawyer

Never never never accidentally screw over a lawyer.

Only consider screwing over a lawyer after the lawyer publicly and maliciously screws you over. As a countermeasure so that you won’t be bullied

Fits Braun shaver 510 to Braun shaver 8995 Fits Braun shaver 510 to Braun shaver 8995


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