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Martin, Gagan, Nick, Nick, Bilal, JohnYS and another Nick (with Johnny Van)

by Larry Chiang on June 22, 2015

By Larry Chiang
Nothing is more traumatic that career-interrupted. I was on to something genius. And Flow.
The “flow” when something you start gets a life-of-it’s own. I’m in flow all the time. Free-flow. Above where I mention career interrupted, I meant sub-career role in the form of “Reverse VC“. The point of this article is to reveal that before founders became legendary soon legendary shiitake, they executed legendary, basic, common-place, trite, basic things. 
Off the top of my head in a 20 min blog it’s “Martin, Gagan, Nick, Nick, Bilal, JohnYS and another Nick (with Johnny Van)”. The relevance to FICO and duck9 and 11:11 is that legendary results happen in a subroutine of execution. This subroutine of execution is painful, rote, commonplace, kinda trite, super basic
Martin as in Martin Shen. He’s co-founder of UpOut. Up-Out makes money while they make money. UpOutSF makes money while they get distribution for themselves 
UpOutSF has a model kinda similar to #ReverseVC. See this tweets Eventbrite link. Open it and take notes…

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)

Seriously, open it and take notes

Another legend in-the-making

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
The SXSW experience for Martin Shen #ReverseVC#SXSW#LaunchAndGetPaid


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Before entrepreneurship execution happens. Pre-entrepreneurship execution occurs via a sub-franchise where you run subroutines #ReverseVC

Gagan is a big deal

I won’t list out his legendary stuff. I’ll let you comment what they are after you GOOGLE HIM.
Gagan Biyani (@gaganbiyani)
Last night’s #reversevc event w @LarryChiang @jeff @jebinger @owenthomas was off the charts – thanks all for first night for @StartupRoots!

#ReverseVC and StartupRoots, no wonder Gagan Biyani was successful. LOOK AT WHAT HE DID

By the way, that was me quoting myself, quoting Jim Rohn. He’s a mentor. He said: 

“No wonder they were successful. Look at what they D-I-D.”
Jim Rohn

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)


This will be hard for you to believe
I mean working hard is tough to swallow. So, seeing the amount of work is at Kobe Bryant levels.
Nick Tippmann (@ntippmann)
Correct “@Nick_Spiller@ntippmann yes ill be there. Anyone else? Reverse VC party? 8-10 at parkside on 6th. Text me 8108140727 #vcSecrets

Nick Tippmann’s amount of reading is at Steve Kerr levels


Download the Twitter app. Steve Kerr is reading a book about a 1936 team of 9 rowers. Btw, he has to share that trophy with 15 other dudes and 9 other coaches and 200 other employees :-/

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
The #CS183Do ex of “sequel to a franchise you didn’t start” is doing a sequel to @dweekly‘s #ReverseJobFair

For ex, #reverseVC

David came up with reverse job fair

I came up with  #reverseVC and anointed David Weekly “non-employee co-founder”
Selfie No-self is like non-employee co-founder. I took the pic. I co-founded your startup. But I’m not in the picture 


Nick Alexander. 
#reverseVC plus a half-dozen other legendary subroutines


Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Bilal @mytweetmark nice seeing u @FoundersSpace 
#reverseVC (someone do a reverse VC event there!)

@JohnYS. Added him as TA at #ENGR145 after he executed 
#reverseVC. There’s a ton of video and a huge photo album on fB.

Maybe my friend Nichelle is next? She installed me as a speaker for SXSW about “Blogging nickels”, 2010

Nichelle Stephens (@niche)
@LarryChiang Yes, we’re FB friends. Check out my updated blog post, #finovate #reversevc

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Nichelle @niche. Are we fB friends. #SXSW #RogerSmithHotelParty
#AfterParty Alum

#reverseVC had a another franchise it was a sequel to. #vcSecrets

So, to repeat a stress a point. @dweekly‘s #ReverseJobFair plus #vcSecrets. Together they formed ReverseVC 

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Post the one of me, Sam, Martin’s stand-in, Katie & Bay Leah at @UpOutSF at Thursdays #upOutSF party

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
The #CS183Do ex of “sequel to a franchise you didn’t start” is doing a sequel to @dweekly‘s #ReverseJobFair

For ex, #reverseVC

#CS183Do is a sequel to CS 183b. That Sam Altman class was a sequel to Peter’s CS 183. CS 183 is a sequel to Engineering 145, the class I taught 2010-2012.

Obvi the reverseVC is open source. Enjoy the subroutines of #CS183Do
SXSW film festival is a sequel to Sundance Film Festival. 

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