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Mentor, Mentee Messaging Ratios

by Larry Chiang on September 12, 2015

By Larry Chiang
This post is about interaction with mentors and potential mentors. 🐥versus 🐣
Mentorship is something I study. It’s also a practice of mine to count mentor mentions at sporting events. Just as it’s important for athletes to be well coached, it’s important for founders to be well mentored. 
In this post, let us focus on messaging ratios 🐤

Larry Chiang (@LarryChiang)
Details. Details matter. I pay attention to mentor mentee, messaging ratios. #Ch5/#Ch6/#ch4 #Ch5-6-4

During the 90’s mentees would call their mentors. There would be a gatekeeper. I’d then call and re-telephone call. I approximate the mentee mentor messaging ratios would be 17:1 to 20:1. That’s 20 mentee messages to 1. It took 20 tries just to get one reply. 

Let us look at today’s ratios.  
It’s one Facebook add-friend request. And then MAYBE one email attempt. Your mentor is not on SnapChat at “LarryChiang”. So, today’s ratio are at 1:1. 
Perhaps you’re familiar with “Getting 3 Legendary Internships In A Row”. The ratios that Stanford student athlete use are 10:1. Evan Reas and Tristan Walker have mentors, methods and networking tactics here
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